Mac Photos - Editing Crashes

Hi guys, do any of you suffer the same experience with Mac Photos as of this past year?

I edit lets say around 200 photos iCloud synced from my iPhone XR - I usually use the Auto Enhance and cropping , and only for difficult photos manually set the controls to improve contract / brightness etc.

Every 2 photos or so, it’ll freeze on the “Enhancing photo…” or “Downloading photo” dialogue box… I have to force quit or it’ll never load and then re-edit the photo and previously edited photo. Very frustrating. This happens, without fail.

I am wondering if it can’t handle Live Photos with the video element needing edited in the background… the fan also kicks up insanely loud on my 2017 base MBP nTB.

I had a similar experience on an iPad Air 3 earlier this year, which I could sort of understand with the mobile OS. But, on iPhone XR itself - seamless, bulletproof, edits no issue and takes it in its stride. I think maybe Apple are focussing way more on iPhone reliability over the Mac, but it’s just sad as I want to see the photos on the big screen as I edit them on the Mac. I hope this can be fixed with the next major release of macOS … roll on June!!