Mac Power Users 436: MPU+: These Things Are Like Tribbles

Re what we’re calling parcels of stuff made in Shortcuts: I think definitely “workflows.” I think Shortcuts is a worse name for the App than was Workflows (less attractive, less accurate), but if does at least have the advantage of creating a vocabulary in which the App and the things in the App are distinct. So one vote for creating “Workflows” in “Shortcuts” rather than creating “Shortcuts” in “Shortcuts.”

Curse you David, 10 more dollars to my MPU budget on Home Design 3D

Super great suggestion though, I’ve needed something a bit more user friendly and feature rich than MagicPlan which is getting dated

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New community member here. Thanks so much for moving to Discourse! Previously I’d felt a little left out. One huge Discourse feature, for me, is its excellent activity summary emails it sends every couple weeks.

I can’t wait to start leaving my inane feedback on episodes. For this one, I’ll just say that three Homepods is a great idea. I am waiting for the rumored small Beats branded version to buy my third for my bedroom, though.

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Actually … it was ended up @mikeschmitz. Check out the latest episode with Mike.


I couldn’t believe @katiefloyd got three either! Out of nowhere! However, I actually really do love my HomePod. I was definitely someone who didn’t want to go with any of their other assistants because I love music and didn’t want to buy a bad speaker. I actually use the Siri features a decent amount (although, I do want them to catch up with the other assistants), and I looooove how good it sounds. Plus, being able to ask Siri to play anything I want is amazing. I very often ask it to “play me something I would like” and then I have an instant, great playlist. It’s a little expensive, but I have been super happy with it. However, I only have one!

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I came over from Facebook, have to say that this place works much better as a more ‘traditional’ forum than as a Facebook group! The various categories and threads makes information much easier to find and therefore I’m able to participate more!


The best line of this episode included the name “Barry Manilow”!


I like the post by using the word Rouge. I think all the hosts should have an alias as Rouge depending on the the time they actually left the man. The first should be Rouge One…and so on​:sunglasses::grinning::sunglasses:

Great choice to move to Discourse! I hadn’t heard of it before (I’m not really up on forum application software) but am impressed!

And not only in MPU but other groups I’m in on Facebook, I see the same questions over and over and over. So yes, that is a symptom of the lack of organization on Facebook and the poor search functions. Discourse seems to excel at both :wink:

Then I found out about the Discourse app for iOS and it is really nice.

Kudos on a great choice and all the work to set this up for us.

Thank you!


You do such a great job with them, Katie!! :joy:

I just want to call out at 01:20:20 Katie mentions Messages in iCloud. She brought up that it should sync SMS and MMS messages. That hasn’t been my experience and recently I confirmed with Apple Support it is supposed to be iMessage only. If you are close to your other devices you may experience the delivery to other devices, but sync and backup is not supported to my knowledge.


Odd, this has not been my experience. In fact, I just deleted a delivery alert from UPS on my iPhone and it immediately disappeared from iPad. I have AT&T and this has worked since 11.4 released

Good move to this platform. Now there’s no reason to stay on FB!


Hi David! Hi Katie! and all the MPU crew,
I finally had time to listen to this episode yesterday. Today makes me a “long time listener, first time Discourse community member”…and I really really like it!!! a lot. Well done, all! You both made me a little nervous with all the on-podcast anxiety about ‘you might like it… or maybe not’, but this is a great platform. Thanks for all the hard work to make the jump and get this set up so nicely for all of us. It looks like a great sandbox to play in and meet new friends and learn new things. I sure wish I could meet up IRL in Chicago, or better yet, London. But…Maybe Disneyland, next time! Mary


I am looking forward to getting into this community!

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Loving my homepod as well - but I am only up to 2 so far - but I am sure I can find a third need??