Mac Power Users 436: MPU+: These Things Are Like Tribbles


I wonder if people know who picks the show titles for these episodes?


Excited for this change to Discourse! Never visited the Facebook page because FB wasn’t my jam, but joined this right after I heard about it on the podcast!


Obviously it’s David with some kind of Star Wars reference…right? :wink:

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Tribbles is a Star Trek (original) reference :slight_smile:

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This one has Katie written all over it.


Nice to be here - now for some exploring. :grinning:

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I remember that episode. I’m going to wait till the 2nd generation HomePod before I let the multiplication begin.

Star Wars, Star Trek, what’s the difference?


Just kidding.

Happy to see the move away from Facebook! Now I’m just sitting here hitting CMD + R on the website.

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Excited to be back, since I left due to Facebook…

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Katie Floyd does of course! :grimacing:


Just want to jump in and say how shocked I am that not only did Katie get a HomePod, but she TRIPLED-DOWN and is part of the multi-HP crowd :smile:

I haven’t really wanted one with all the negative press they’ve gotten, but I know Katie doesn’t take her purchasing decisions lightly so this has me rethinking my decision to sit out, ha ha!


The goodies are available! I linked them in this announcement post to make it easy for everyone to find them :slight_smile:

So the new Free Agents co-host is Casey Liss right? That’s going to be awesome.

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Has he been on MPU? If so, that’s a good guess. I was thinking Andy Ihnatko

@JWoolard I guess you’re right - Casey just went “rogue” a few weeks ago.

Hey @katiefloyd . I’m so happy for you and the triple home pod life! You’re competing with @MacSparky multi iPad life! It was my favorite part of the show! Hahaha. You made my week!


I’m very happy with the move from Facebook and looking forward to participating in the MPU community.

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Curious about Apple’s end-to-end encryption of messages referenced in cloud storage. Are they safe from the NSA? See recent Intercept article –