MPU Merchandise on Cotton Bureau

As I’m sure you heard on the podcast, MPU tshirts and hoodies are on sale again at Cotton Bureau, but only until July 9th. They are having a birthday celebration so not only do you get whatever you buy, you might well win a prize too (if you buy before Friday)!

MPU Hoodie

MPU Glow T-Shirt

Competition details


Just a clarification on this - the T-Shirts and Hoodies are on sale through July 9th. However, the giveaway is the first week only. So get your order in early.

Last time we sold T-Shirts and Hoodies we had more than a dozen people who missed out and asked us to put them back on sale. We weren’t planning to, but Cotton Bureau asked, so we did. This is probably the last time will sell these T-shirts, so act now.

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Just throwing out a code for a free MPU T-shirt. First one to claim it, gets it!


(You can also check out the awesome hoodie:


Just 6 days to snag MPU Glow T-Shirt or Hoodie!:hourglass_flowing_sand:

Oh…here’s another code for a free MPU Glow shirt. First come, first serve. V5KTVVBDPS

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