Mac Power Users 439: On Our Desks …


As a huge fan of the Homescreens & Office Stuos category here on MPU Talk, I cant wait to listen to this on my run :running_man: in the morning!

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@katiefloyd I have a 2016 laptop as well and I ended up picking up one of these to help stem off the frustration of having all of the Thunderbolt 3 ports constantly in use and needing to plug something else in.

CalDigit TS3 Plus

One cable plugged in and it covers everything (with room to grow). You can tuck away the dock and it keeps it completely out of mind. Been using it for months and it’s rock solid. It’s frustrating that the solution to this costs so much, but the annoyance at the cost melts away pretty quick with how convenient this thing is.

Hey David, We were promised a picture of your under desk :wink:


Does anybody know what Katie uses for a software microphone mute button?

I edit both on my 10.5 iPad & keyboard and on my iMac. But, I started keyboard editing stuff before mice had tails.

(long time listener / first time caller)

Wanted to echo this sentiment. I also got a CalDigit TS3 Plus (at some discount) and have really liked it. It sits on the edge of my office desk, with that one proverbial TB3 cable going to the 2016 MacBookPro, and one cable from that going to an LG 5K monitor.

The CalDigit let’s me have a cable-free desk … and as a bonus (unlike other TB hubs), it also has optical digital out, which lets me stay connected to an old creaky DAC I have, connected also to an old headphone amp – love the familiar sound of that from-the-early-00s combo.

In the process of construction and moving into the home office. Bug me if I haven’t posted by next week.



Catching up on podcasts and found one thing in the desks episode that I have to disagree with. Katie said to run more Ethernet cables than you will need. My experience is that if you run n cables, then some time in the future you will need n+1 cables. This holds for all values of n.

I prefer to run no more than two cables to any location. If I need more connections I will put in a switch to handle the extra devices. Much more future proof.

Currently have 14 hardwired devices and 14 WiFi devices connected to the Eeros.

Here it is (she mentioned on MPU+)