Mac Power Users 440: Workflows with Thom Zahler


What a great episode. MPU has had some great guests in the past and Thom fits right in. I really enjoy hearing about his workflows. Especially the part he was talking about lettering and pasting up artwork. It brought up memories I had of my first job doing paste up for a printing company. It was such a tedious process - setting the type, pasting the artwork on a board. Real page layout.

I remember we were so happy to introduce a computer into the workflow, it changed my life. It also was the first time I realized I could actually make money by working on a computer. A life-changing event.

Again great work finding such interesting guests. I really enjoyed this episode.

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I will probably regret asking this but what was the game mentioned at the beginning of the episode, the one that Daisy is addicted to? I looked in the show notes and didn’t see a link.


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Thom mentioned his problem with the way Numbers formatted zip codes and David Sparks suggested that perhaps conditional formatting might be a solution. There is an easier solution called custom formatting. No conditions are required. Just click on the little down arrow in the number format token to see options. For zip codes, add digits until you get to five digits and then choose Show Zeros for Unused Digits. Now the leading zero for the eastern seaboard zip codes will be shown.

In the format inspector, look at the Cell tab, click on the Data Format drop down and select Create Custom format.



I am glad you mentioned this Thom!
I looked at and saw there are free pages that can be downloaded and printed them out. I have been using them the past few days and it seems like a good addition to my work flow. I can save my meeting notes automatically to onedrive and you don’t have to buy the notebook to get started.

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