Mac Power Users 442: Workflows with Joe Buhlig


iPadless life?! — From the into description

Joe has an iPhone X. An iPhone is a little iPad with supported voice communication privileges. He runs Shelly on the X. Thirty-six people gave this SSH terminal positive ratings in the app store. And so forth…

I’m curious if he has other favored apps he runs alongside Shelly.

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Probably the one that is of most interest here is Working Copy. It lets me edit code from my phone if I really need to. But more often than not, I’m using it to review code and commits made by my team.


@joebuhlig Are you ever worried that by using Discourse for everything and adjusting it to fit your needs, you might end up bastardizing it with feature bloat?

So I’m currently at a similar position as @joebuhlig … Having an iPad pro 10.5 + pencil for now a year (a test that last :wink: ) But today, I need to develop websites and couldn’t figure out what to do with my setup. A macbook (air / nothing / pro) could solve the problem, as you can run an Apache-PHP-MySQL server on it, what I need, and also editing images. Things I can’t do on an iPad…
This week, a friend borrowed me an old Macbook (2007), which is sufficient when I’m at the coworking space.

The big problem is I don’t always have connection to the internet, so a local solution would be perfect.

I might consider having a Raspberry Pi as local server, but I don’t know how good it would be to work (for example) in a train, with the Raspberry Pi and my iPad connected to it via wifi. Or if there are other solutions, I’m listening!

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Some thoughts on this very enjoyable episode.

  1. It’s very interesting to think of the many and specific reasons why reading from paper appeals to some people more than ebooks does. I have been developing reading/learning technology and workflows for much of the last 17 years. I do believe that electronic technology doesn’t match paper on all counts. But it is overall superior to paper for knowledge work. Cognitive productivity workflow and technology developers need to keep taking paper seriously so that they can improve electronic tech. (Let’s keep in mind however that paper itself is technology).
  2. I agree with Joe: paper and pencil are still super useful for writing and drawing. Personally, I have notepads, reams of paper, clipboards and jars of blue/black pens in strategic locations throughout the house. (There’s a rule that miscellaneous stuff is not permitted in those jars :slight_smile: ). Very efficient. Am very much looking forward to the next iPad Pro+Pencil, and iPhone with Pencil.
  3. I’m a big fan of whiteboards too. I’ve convinced my wife that some of the time it’s helpful to have a whiteboard in the living room when hosting. I do think it makes for better conversations. Here’s a trick: if some of your guests bring children, then take out the whiteboard for them. (NB: my whiteboard is 3"x4", magnetized, and mobile. Very convenient).
  4. Here’s a question: when will Apple introduce its smartboard? And a very scary question: how much will they charge? Apple is going Pro and pushing harder again in education. Those are two places where smartboards are required.

I have a Pi for exactly that!


That’s pretty cool, Rose!


It’s definitely smaller and lighter than bringing my 15" Pro with me - I can even take my 12.9" Pro in the create case and still be lighter (though not by much). With Coda, Prompt, Dash, and Working Copy this makes my iPad a seriously good offline development machine.

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Ohhhwhooo ! Let’s me read your article :slight_smile: Thank you :bowing_man:t3:

I do use my iPad Pro (9.7) for web development. I used to think that I needed a local solution but after years of always having an internet connection I realized I don’t. The few times a year when I don’t have a connection I can just not worry about it and do something else.

I use Blink Shell, Mosh, and a Digital Ocean VPS to get my work done now. I have a post coming on The Sweet Setup about exactly what I use. Will be a few weeks yet because their editorial calendar is full for a bit.


Joe mentioned, that he switched to Mailmate because he was missing gmail shortcuts from
There is GMailinator, which solves exactly this problem.

I’m sure that Mailmate does a lot more, though.

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I can’t wait to read your article :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delayed response here folks. Health has not been kind to me lately.

Whiteboards for the win!

Of course you do. :roll_eyes:

I need to look into this more. but the real question I have is this: at what point is this a better setup than a MBP? Keep in mind, I’m a 13" fan.

Do you find the process of bouncing the servers slower than doing it locally? I’ve never been able to find a system that does it with the same speed as local.

At least in my experience, Mojave breaks GMailinator. :disappointed_relieved:

Oh no!
Maybe give them some time.
I tried airmail again, but its not the same (even though it also has superbe Gmail shortcuts, even on the iPad).
To due some work stuff, my plan is to upgrade to mojave in December. Hopefully it is fixed by then.

I haven’t had issues with it, but I use Vim to work directly on the server. Years ago when I connected with Dreamweaver and that used FTP to edit files it was crazy slow.

My article on exactly what I do is now up on The Sweet Setup

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It’s linked at the bottom of this thread now so come back and check it out. Not sure I should be linking it 2x in the same thread so…