Mac Power Users 445: HomeKit Intensive


On the show, there was the wish mentioned that IFTTT/third party triggers could be tied into HomeKit actions.

For those who are automation-savvier than I (and who actually own smart home gear), is there a way to set up IFTTT to hit a KM “Web trigger” and have KM do something in the Home app?


I’m just starting out with this. I have a hue bridge and a couple of lights in my office. I’d like the lights to turn on when I enter the room and turn off when I leave. Do I just need a motion sensor to accomplish that?

Do I need to add the hue bridge to my Home App room? The Home App seems to be having trouble finding it, but the Hue app seems to work fine.


You just need a motion sensor. Set the sensor to stay on alert for a few minutes, a longer period for a room you’ll be stationary in. Every time motion is detected it’ll reset it’s countdown and if you get it right you’ll avoid the lights going out and needing to wave at the sensor while you’re in there.

The bridge needs to be in the home app, but the room doesn’t matter. The specific bulbs will want to be assigned to their room. I don’t think the room in the hue app and the home app have to match (they don’t with the Ikea Tradfi system).

Some people create a fictitious room to hide all their bridges in. I like to keep them in the room they physically live in just so the virtual representation of the room matches reality.


I’ve tried to add the Hue bridge with both my iPhone and my iPad. Each successfully captures the Home ID from the back of the bridge but neither finds the bridge. I’m using a Linksys mesh wifi router that’s plugged into the same switch that I’ve plugged the bridge into. Is there some IP address compatibility problem? Any way to check that? The bridge connects to the light bulbs no problem.

I’ll acquire a couple of motion sensors RSN.


I don’t know enough about Hue specifically to help troubleshoot. I presume you’ve tried rebooting the Hue hub?

You could try forcing your router to use the 2.4mHz band instead of the 5. Some devices struggle with the higher frequency band. Or enabling it, if you’re not using it currently.


This is a great pain in the arse. After a deal of pissfarting around, I discover The only way I can get the Hue bridge added as a HomeKit accessory (and thus accessible via Siri) is to plug it directly into my internet router and put my phone on the router’s wifi network, instead of the mesh network to which everything else is attached, including the Homepod. If I plug the bridge into the switch that I’ve got connected to the router into which all my wired connections go the lights connect to the bridge, but I can’t control them via Siri. I probably need to move the HomePod to the router network as well, which is sub optimum if I then buy another HomePod for another room. Why do they have to make these things so difficult!


OK, so I’ve shifted the Hue gear to my ISP’s wireless router, and also the HomePod. To set up the lights I had to put my phone temporarily on that network. Now I can walk into the room and say “Hey Siri, lights” and they come on, which I think is pretty cool. Not us cool as saying “Lux” maybe, but one thing at a time :grinning:.
I’ve now ordered in a motion sensor, anyway, so shortly I won’t need to say anything.


Your motion sensor’s trigger period will be important. Too short, and you’ll be sat mostly still in your chair for a few minutes and it’ll think you left. Go for a longer period. You can also usually tweak the sensitivity. I’d recommend high sensitivity so it registers smaller movements.

You might also find it’s good if it can see the surface of your desk, and therefore your hand movements while you work.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a go when the sensor gets here.