Mac Power Users 446: MPU+: Are You Going to Go Big?


Flat network cables are junk just read the specks of Ethernet cable and why the pairs are twisted and arranged in a very specific manner to minimize interference between the wires. Flat network cables defeat all that…


On the “reusing cut cable ties is impossible” point, I disagree. It might not be perfect but you’d naturally cut them to varying lengths and reuse the nearest fit one.


The wire pairs are still twisted in a flat cable. As long as the flat cable meets the TIA/EIA spec, it’s fine to use in place of a cable with a circular jacket.


There are reasons, When Setting Up An Enterprise Office Network, Flat CAT6 Ethernet Cable are rarely seem or applied in such a Network Space. Why? Have a Thought!


The Dunning-Kruger effect.


Have a Thought!

Ok <Insert Jeopardy music here/> :thinking:

Kidding aside, flat ethernet cables are being used in enterprise networks. If anyone here has experienced a difference in performance or reliability between flat and round cables, I would love to hear about it.

P.S. Strictly speaking, I should differentiate between patch cables and structured (inside walls or ceiling) cabling. Flat patch cables, yes. Flat structured cable, never seen such a beast.


I don’t think they’ll do a round Apple Watch. I think the phrase is about meeting at the new HQ. This is the first event at the spaceship right?


I feel tempted to get a new phone since I‘m still on the 6s. But on the other hand since 3D-touch there was no new feature imo that is a real innovation. A new phone might be faster, lighter, bigger – but I don’t see anything that I could do with it which I can’t do with my 6s as well.
That said, getting the big one might make a difference. I hope some things like typing would be easier. On the other hand I’m afraid it would annoy me to use both hands.
And what about pricing? The X was to expensive imo. Will the X+ (or whatever it’s named) be even more expensive? That’s like the price of a minor MacBook then!


It’s the second one. But you maybe right.


Last year’s iPhone event was on the new campus. However, at that point the Steve Jobs Theater where the event was held was one of the few parts of campus that was finished. Most of the ‘spaceship’ wasn’t occupied yet. So maybe they’ll show off the rest of the campus this year.


I maybe alone on this, but 50 minutes of Apple rumors?! :man_facepalming: Ugh. Sorry Dave and Katie, rumors are just chaff blowing in the wind. Podcast time is more valuable than that. :-1::-1:

The last 45 minutes was classic MPU with great tips, ideas, and discussion. :+1::+1::+1:


I was okay with the rumors, but got lost on all the screen measurements.


Loved the episode. I liked the speculating and what they each were interested in buying.

I wouldn’t want this every week but right before a big event like this I’m fine with some speculating.


For the last month or three podcasts have been overflowing with podcasters commenting on observations made by other podcasters and bloggers take on the big reveal. Jiminy Cricket… so if folks listen to lots of Apple related podcasts are sayin too much of a good thing, that makes sense to me.

On the other hand if you only follow one or two shows I can see the speculation welcomed.

I end up questioning my spending time on speculation on decisions Apple has made months ago. …have a hard time coming away with a, “Wow I learned something or I’ll try that,” experience.

Are You Going To Go Big? had a section on speculation and plenty of comments about cable ties.


I am currently using a 7 plus and have enjoyed it. However, I will revert to the standard screen with my next phone. Here’s why: I am intentionally doing less on my phone and more on my iPad since iOS 11.


For switching the wifi off and back on again, I’ve found this Tech Restarter to be very useful.

I use two, one for the cable modem and one for the wifi router, they both turn off at the same time and I have the router switch back on a few minutes after the modem to give it time to boot up.


Question for our gracious hosts on episode #446.
Very near the end of #446 ( about 5 mins left to run) David talks about thunderstorm soundtracks he uses in Apple Music, and responds to a listeners suggestion of noizio with his review. David then goes on to mention an app he likes called “Thunderscape”. I have been looking for this and can only find one called “Thunderspace” which is probably what was intended. Can anyone confirm this is the app, or point me in the right direction ?
Thanks in advance, Mark