Mac Power Users 446: MPU+: Are You Going to Go Big?



Cabling Tips:

I too prefer cable ties to velcro tie wraps because of the dust.

The trick is to bite the bullet and buy a quality flush cutter instead of trying to use a scissors, blade knife or other inappropriate cutting tool.

It is worth the investment to buy a quality brand such as Klein Tools or Platinum Tools. They run around $10 so not a huge investment.

Also, often overlooked is that Ethernet network patch cables are available in many lengths including the 1 foot and 3 foot sizes in addition to more common 6-foot, 10-foot, etc.

The short sizes are perfect for clusters of equipment such as home automation hubs/bridges that are near your Ethernet switch.

Of course, you could buy a spool of bulk Ethernet cable, and the necessary tools and parts to terminate your own cables in any custom size, but probably a lot more work (and risk of bad cables) than what you can save in cost.

There are also a lot of aftermarket / 3rd party brackets and cord holders for many pieces of equipment. I’ve used ones designed to hold Amazon Echo Dots directly to a power outlet while hiding the cords and also a similar one for the Google Home Mini.

I recently found a similar bracket for the Eero regular units that make them easy to hug a wall outlet almost like the Beacons but without giving up the full triple-radio support in the Pro units.

I’m sure an industrious 3D printer expert could make their own, but again probably not worth the time/effort.


My number one calble tool is duct tape, cable ties are great for if your setup is stable, but I find that every few months I end up rearranging my office for one reason or another and have to redo my cables.

The tape is useful as it’s plentiful and cheap, I use it to tape some power boards to hang under the lip of my desk or to secure a spool or cat5 to the back of the tv or to just beaten out cable runs.

I also find value in electrical tape, I keep a big tub with all my spare cables thrown in it, they are all wrapped up in loops and held in place by some electrical tape.

Cellular or Wifi iPad?

Good episode, and can’t wait for the reactions to the September event. But, Katie and David’s rumor discussion was so spot on in regards to the iPhones, but way off on the iPads. How did they miss the rumors pointing to lack of a notch? I doubt we will see a notched iPad.


I’m definitely going to go big - being a 7+ and 6S+ owner. I would always crave more real estate. It will be interesting to compare this to my (now unused) iPad Mini 1.

I used to carry the iPad Mini in a coat pocket - weather permitting. :slight_smile: Being a guy my jeans pockets should still hold a mythical Excess Plus (or Tennis Plus). :slight_smile:


Yes I am definitely going back to a plus size phone. After going from a 6plus then 7 plus to a X, I regret it. Even though it’s a great phone it’s still too small for my big hands. Plus I spend a lot of time watching YouTube, and nothing is the matching wide screen aspect ratio of the iPhone X.

One house we had our router and switch in a 1/2 height relay rack wall mounted in the basement. And I ran Ethernet to all rooms and most rooms got 2-3 to places like behind the tv and to my desk. Also ran 2 lines to closets for wireless access points on the top shelf, one on each end of the house.

I’m lucky that I work in Telecommunications and have the tools.

Also every desk I have have a power strip mounted to the underside. Also at least one of those cable management racks from Ikea under each desk.


My experience with iPhones is that you never really appreciate the benefit of going big until you do. Most people I know that went form non-plus sized iPhone to a plus sized iPhone stick with the plus.

I think a more relevant question for my case if I end up upgrading from my 7+ or not. To me the upgrade path is clear, the decision to upgrade is not.


Yeah I REALLY cannot see them making a notched iPad. I’d place a lot of money on no notch. I think the UI changes to the status bar in iOS 12 on iPad point to a general aesthetic unification (though non-X iPhones conspicuously still have time in the middle of the status bar…), not a forced change due to a notch. A notch on an iPad, which is so frequently moved between landscape and portrait, would be pretty difficult for developers to work around (we saw the struggles with the iPhone X) and would be far more intrusive for users than the notch on the iPhone X.


I agree that it’s unlikely we’ll see a notch on the new iPad Pros (and as @justinbradleysc said, the more recent rumors are sans notch).

While the notch gets all the rumors and attention, I haven’t seen many people talking about the other big iPhone X display change that’s going to mean a lot of work for developers if it comes to the iPad: rounded corners. I think these are much more likely to show up on the new iPads than a notch is, and if they do, developers will have to do a bunch of work accommodating the safe area in their iPad apps the way they did with the iPhone X last year.


One thing I noted. The invitation says “Let’s Gather Round

We know that Apple usually uses the invitation as a subtle hint. What could be “round”?

My first impression when seeing the invite is that it’s a hint for a circular shaped watch.


Quick note - reusable cable ties are a thing. They have a little latch that lifts up and then they can be undone. Agreed that a proper dedicated cutter is the best way to cut them, and better than a general purpose multi-tool.


Having gone from a 5S to a 7+ and loved it, I’ve always thought the current X was too small. The discussions on the show didn’t seem to factor in the aspect ratio of the X and the new phones, which is different to the prior models.

I will be interested in how much cheaper the ‘low end’ (6.1"?) phone is to the larger Oled phone and whether people alight on that as the sweet spot for value for money.

I am going to ‘have’ to upgrade because my wife wants my 7S. I’m a little concerned with face detect, touch on the 7S has been flawless (and can be used in the car) and I think I will miss it.


I’ve never found a use for reusable cable ties. The problem is that if you truly want to re-use them, you can’t cut off the excess. In that case, you have a “tail” that is dangling or needs to somehow be tucked somewhere. That defeats the whole purpose of cable ties (a neat /tidy setup).

Haven’t check prices, but the one-time use regular ones are so inexpensive it is more cost-effective to cut them flush and simply cut them off in the future if you later make any changes.


If you want to automate the turning on and off of a power socket get an Elgato Eve Energy smart socket as they’re Bluetooth based and not Wi-Fi and your home hub automations and home app should continue to have access. We have noticed that if the internet goes down then home automations can get pretty slow, and for no reason we can discern.

As for automating the powering off of a modem, this isn’t always a good idea. Having the ability to power off and on to solve a problem is fine, but a daily switch off will actually cause your connection to be slower. When a modem connects to a broadband connection the process of negotiating the most reliable speed on that connection can take a few days. Constantly restarting that process will generally leave you at the lower end of your possible speed range.


That looks like a European one. Is there a UK one?


Yeah I’m in the U.K. and we have several. They have all the major regional socket types.


I bought my parents one for Christmas a few years ago, they love it!


Re: cable ties. Where I work, they order 6” Velcro cable ties in a big spool, all stuck end to end so you can grab what you need. They wrap around so nothing sticks out, it’s a great design.


It was a bit of a special case but it went like this. I had some lab equipment that I had to fix together temporarily but firmly and then carry it around the building for testing. It did not have to be tidy. At first I used normal cable ties but there was no slack in the cable ties so they were hard to cut through because you couldn’t get an angle for the cutters. So I used the reusable kind with the latch. Eventually the equipment had its day in the sun at a remote site and had to be attached properly, but still taken apart at the end of the day to pack up and fly home. For this I used normal single use cable ties. I went out to buy cutters and was persuaded to get a Leatherman Wave. It turns out this is a perfect multitool for most things but hopeless for tight cable ties. I had to go back to the store for a $10 cable tie cutter. For cables I just use velcro straps.


Nope. Not going big. Still like me iPhone SE.

As for cables, never never tape them. Tape gets yucky over time and leaves residue on cables, desks, everything. There are many better solutions.