Mac Power Users 450: MPU+:I'm a Big Phone Guy


Wait a sec - did I just hear @MacSparky call Waze “too cartoony???” I’d just as soon expect him to call something too Appley, or too, umm, Disney…y.


@Drewski I know … I know. Sometimes when I record a show things come out of my mouth that are just a few seconds ahead of my brain. :slight_smile:


I think it’s just what they use. You could say the same about OmniFocus and any Apple made app. But I think it’s just what they use on a daily basis. They don’t review the other options until they have an episode about that type of app.


The categories for screentime are really ridiculous. Spotify is entertainment and Overcast is reference. Both should be something like „audio“, because there’s really a difference between using your phone and driving while listening to something.
Also, while I‘d love to pretend so, Discourse really isn’t „productivity“ to me …


Categories set aside… Looking at time on app is interesting.


These are set by which the primary category is on the App Store. Hopefully we’ll see more fine grained categorisation in the future - and maybe even the ability to split things inside the app with some kind of “donation” from the app to the system.


I suspect we’ll see apps adjusting their categories in the App Store to be more relevant for screentime.

I wonder when we’ll see the first app change it’s category to help get around screentime restrictions :thinking: “No, no, Facebook is a productivity tool not a social media app so your 30 minute a day cap doesn’t apply”


I too wish for improvements on Screentime. What I have done though is enabled Downtime so I can get to bed on time. I’d like to be able to modify it for the weekend’s and would hope this would be a future option.