Mac Power Users 453: 30 Under $30

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Just seeing the title pop up in overcast has me terrified for how much this will cost me.


Phew! Escaped for $1 (Gladys). Mostly since I had a lot of the others. As I’m packing for a trip right now I wholeheartedly support screens for iOS.

So what did they leave out?

Although mentioned before on MPU, I love bartender. With an aging MacBook Air 11”, it is necessary to organize my menu bar and bartender does a great job.

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RoboKiller blocks neighbor spoofing.



If you are using Safari 12, you can still use Ghostery by getting the version from the Safari Extensions page, more specifically:

n.b.: When you load it, Safari claims that Ghostery will slow down your web browsing, but A) I don’t really believe it does and B) I think the speed increases that you get from blocking trackers probably off-sets any slow-down that it does cause. If it causes any. (Which I think is debatable, despite Apple’s “warning”.)


While you’re there, I would also highly recommend “LinkThing” which is a hugely powerful extension that I’ll miss when these old extensions finally die (the developer has said he doesn’t plan to migrate it to the new system):

Only cost $7 to listen…:cowboy_hat_face:


Claim to hsve won a FTC competition… giving it a try.

David mentioned including a link to the tool to move from Apple Notes to Bear. I did not see it, but I could have missed it. Does anyone know?

Apple Notes to Bear exporter:

Exporter: please note: the heading from your Apple Notes Notes become the file-name for the exported *.txt file. So the heading is not there in Bear notes.

Opens podcast player
Sees episode title
Gives credit cards to wife with instructions to bury them in an undisclosed location for at least 30 days.


Katie and David were bemoaning the deletion of Screen Sharing and Back to My Mac in Mojave. However only Back to My Mac is removed. Screen Sharing is still there. All you need to use it remotely is VNC, which (was) provided by the Server app prior to Mojave (my server runs Sierra). I’ve done it this way for years and never used Back to My Mac.

Glad I’m not the only person who thought “Hmm, this could cost up to $900.”

I only picked up two new apps so I’ll still be able to pay the mortgage next month :slight_smile:


Worse than that, since they are big on subscriptions it might have been $900/year!

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Katie left out a few key features of Deliveries.

  1. Deliveries has a Menu Bar extension in the Mac version, so you can see all your deliveries. I find this more useful than the Notification Center extension.

  2. On both iOS and MacOS, Deliveries includes a Share Sheet extension in Safari. Once I place an order on Amazon, for example, I simply use the Share Sheet and have it “Add to Deliveries” and the order number is added.

  3. If you use PopClip on the Mac (highly recommended btw), you can highlight your tracking number or delivery number, select Parcel from PopClip, and that info will be added to Deliveries. Similarly on iOS, you can highlight the tracking/order number, select Share, and choose the Deliveries extension to add that information to the Deliveries app directly.


They talked about blocking spam calls and complained about the newer type of spam calls that come from an area code and prefix. A great app I found recently is WideProtect Spam Call Blocker ( It allows you to block sets of numbers using prefixes (e.g., 757-817-xxxx blocks all 10,000 numbers that start with 757817). It does more, but that’s the feature I like best.

Dropzone 3 is down to $2 as part of TwoDollarTuesday

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I was the same, but that Dropzone sale swayed me!

I just came here to give the same suggestion (as an alternative to using their email system). On a mac or iPhone it’s so easy to just highlight the tracking # and “add to deliveries.” On the Mac it works outside of safari, too (I ctrl or right-click and “add to deliveries” is an option).

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This is what I do too - and as a bonus you can save Amazon deliveries as a link instead which eliminates the need to constantly log in!

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