Mac Power Users 460: Casey Liss Returns



Just going to leave this here.


@ismh, thank you for this. wow.


You can hardly call it a return. He was also on Free Agents on August 21st. If MPU continues like this I’ll be gone at the end of the year.


Not everyone is listening to Free Agents, I don’t, so I don’t mind.


Really liked the “go bag” discussion. For me, it’s VGA, DVI and HDMI adapters, USB-C to USB-A, an Apple Watch charger, and a USB-C charger. Obviously I am a candidate for some kind of all-in-one, but I haven’t found one I like yet. HDMI and USB-A double up.

I don’t think two different podcasts need to keep in mind each other’s schedules even if the audiences overlap.


So, Casey, why don’t you use LightRoom to do your file renaming and moving your files? It somehow seems that you are duplicating what LR does all the time.


Hmm… Casey Liss returns to Mac Power Users; the last time he was on was back in 2016. Maybe some of the same people, but definitely different podcasts.


Why so grumpy? I really enjoyed the episode.


I didn’t like this episode either. Stopped listening after 10 minutes…way too many superlatives and cross-over selling of each other podcasts.


Not grumpy. Just sayin’. For a long time I liked MPU a lot. But over the last couple of years it became more and more of the same. Hardly any (power user) tips, and the same people over and over again. This episode had absolutely zero content. Oh yeah, they talked about having a bag with cables and adapters. And if that should be USB A or C (you see, I listened to all of it :wink: ). Duh! Where did the ‘P’ in MPU go?


More accurate to say you did not like the first ten minutes…


I also enjoyed this episode a lot. I appreciate Casey’s energy and enthusiasm that he brings with him when he is a guest. He was excellent on Download too.