Mac Power Users 466: John Gruber Returns


I could not agree more :slight_smile:


This episode was a little talk-showy. That’s not a criticism at all, just an observation. I’m sure the balance of show types over time will remain balanced. I enjoyed it, for sure.


I’ll echo some of the other comments that this show did feel a bit different (but yes, of course, its going to change a bit!). But I did really enjoy the show and some of the topics they talked about. I think part of the problem is that 1) Gruber is super nerdy and doesn’t necessarily do a lot of the types of workflows we are accustomed to hearing and 2) he doesn’t really have a set workflow or ways of doing something but that works for him. But its just one episode and I’m sure there will be many more different shows in the future.

I did enjoy the discussion on iPad only OS. I think this would be nice to see as the iPad evolves. I’m not exactly sure what this would look like but continuing to separating itself from the iPhone would be welcome. I’d also like to see more point releases rather than the major release every year.


Well, Gruber’s own show is titled The Talk Show, lol so I’m sure that his influence is felt here with that. To me, Gruber is a better interviewer than interviewee, and it took him a while to warm up but once he got going it was pure TTW-Gruber mode, and it wasn’t slowing down.


Overall, I’d say one theme seems to keep popping up in this thread, is that “it’s not the same MPU as it was with Katie”. And I think in some aspects as part of the growing process for the show, Katie’s influence in certain areas is definitely going to be missed.

MPU will continue to morph and change, and it has to because of the foundational shift caused by Katie’s departure. David and Steven are no doubt in constant contact over this fact and are working hard together to find the right tone and footing with which the show can continue to delight and inform people as it has always done. It’s a learning process for these guys, and it’s asking a lot of them.

I think it’s just as important that we as listeners need to have a bit of patience, give constructive feedback when asked, and let things continue to improve while also preserving MPU’s rich history.


I think this sums up how I think about it. David and I have varying interests, as do various parts of the MPU audience. Not every guest or every topic is for everyone, and that’s fine by me. It was true for me as a listener, and will be as a host, too. The Apple nerd community is broad, and it’s fun to talk to people and explore topics from that wide field of users and use cases.


I enjoyed this a lot more than some of the ‘workflow’ formatted shows, a number of which I’ve skipped over the years. Other workflow shows I find invaluable.


I found myself enjoying this conversation, but I respectfully agree with some of the concerns expressed above.

My concerns are more about type than about topic. I don’t expect the show to remain the same post-Katie. The Mac Mini episode was a case in point. There was a lot more background on the Mac Mini than there would have been before, but the conversation eventually got around to some uses and tips for the hardware. I remember thinking, “This is different, but I like it.” So this isn’t about missing Katie’s contribution.

But… I (and I suspect many others) listen to MPU because it helps us become better Mac users. Some guests and topics may be less relevant to me, but I have always understood the reason for their inclusion in the lineup: because they had something to offer about how to make Apple devices work more efficiently for us.

I would rather have a “workflow”-type episode that’s not relevant to me than a general-interest interview about Apple stuff. Even the most “irrelevant” workflow episode sometimes contain a nugget I can use to improve my own workflow. But there are lots of other places to get general Apple discussion.

In this case, my concern is about the type of episode this is. As others have pointed out, it was more of a talk show than a typical MPU episode. I don’t mind these being dropped into the rotation every so often, but I’m posting this in the hope that David and Stephen will do it sparingly.


It’s hard to draw meaningful conclusions from an n of 1, which is what this whole thread is attempting to do.

Probably worth withholding judgement until there are at least a few episodes post-Katie.


No ones’s talking about unsubscribing (that I noticed). I don’t even think anyone is drawing conclusions about the future of the show. Just giving feedback that this kind of show is not what some of us value about MPU.

I think that’s valid feedback. If it’s premature, it will be obvious soon enough. If this is a reaction they hadn’t considered, might as well tell them now instead of waiting a month.


I personally have always liked that the guests influence the feel of the show. If not, why have ‘em on?


Couldn’t agree more. The episodes are running too long and feel like opinion pieces, rather than useful power thinking on how to get stuff done. Shame really you guys had a good unique angle…


I was 17 minutes in and was already thinking about how Word styles could make my job easier. And that helped me solve a minor headache of a task I had to do this morning. So there was some customary MPU content in there. And Gruber’s generally a smart guy worth listening to when it comes to Apple stuff. I liked the show.


I just enjoyed remembering how deeply suspicious I was of WYSIWYG when it first debuted. I think one can learn pretty accurately where the “command” is to go bold or go normal - if I learned it, that must be true - but I still sometimes miss being able to SEE it. That’s not so much a substantive remark as the reminiscence of someone who finished a career as a copy editor about 5 minutes before coldtype died.


I use Pin-tabs at work - support dashboard, ticketing app, timesheets app, knowledge base which I use all day


Hooray for the shout out for Word Perfect for DOS!

[And, I am not an “old lawyer,” just a big fan – I had macros set up that some might call the precursors to Text Expander!]