Mac Power Users 467: Fitness Apps & Tech

Not sure you can call three selected articales to demonstrate a point- the science. If hey ho. Most people don’t drink enough water we don’t hydrate and it’s not only when you are thirsty. Either way what I do agree with you on is that we don’t need tech to track it. I can’t imagine anything worse than a $150 smart bottle that tells you how many time you have filled it up and drank from it. Crazy.

Drink water all day. Then you don’t need an app to track

I’ve been using Pillow since before getting an apple watch. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t automatically load my sleep data in its system unless I open it in the morning. If I don’t the data is there but I have to click on the data in the app’s calendar for it to load. I was having so much of an issue that I reinstalled the app. Even though I had selected to sync with iCloud it appears that it hasn’t actually synced. The data is in health kit but now my charts are all screwed up. I’ll have to manually go back and select each date for the past 2 years for the app to get my sleep data loaded back into the app. Its gotten to the point where I’ve stopped sleep tracking because its become such a piece of frustration.

For those that use MFP for calorie tracking I’ve been dealing with a bug lately where every day or two the thing logs me out and I have to log back in? As someone that’s been using this app for 7+ years its really aggravating that it suddenly becomes a barrier for me to actually want to use the thing. Luckily it has 1Password integration so putting my login in isn’t that much of a hassle at all.

Does Clue work with Health App? I’m on a quest to find an app that also logs to the health app.

@MitchWagner What’s your secret to logging for 10 years? Many years ago i was pretty consist with tracking, but it devolved into a lot of pre-packaged food to ease tracking which wasn’t the healthiest.

FYI I’ve been tracking food and estimating calories and carbs for several years, and it’s kept me at 155-165 pounds at 6’. I don’t use a specialized tracking app, I simply maintain a separate food journal in Day One, with one journal per day housing time-stamped entries whenever I eat. (Before that I used monthly text files.) When I sit down to eat I’ll enter what I ate (and try to estimate amounts if at a restaurant), then later I’ll google/duckduckgo the dish plus the words calories carbs and the first few hits will invariably provide sites that give that info. If there are multiple recipes or a couple of sites with varying results I’ll split the difference or use the data from the high-cal version. (And it’s also simple to search in Day One to pull up cal/carb counts from previous meals, if I’m eating the same dish.)

Towards the end of the day I’ll total up the calories and carbs.

I don’t find it to be particularly time-consuming, although I wish Day One had the facility to time-stamp and append to a selected file so that I could tap a shortcut button and be able to start typing right below a timestamped entry that from that day’s journal page. When on my Mac I’ll use a PopClip extension that pastes timestamps.

Haven’t ever missed an entry, couldn’t tell you why. No secret, I just did it.

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Like @bowline said: No secret, just did it. I scan barcodes on packaged foods, and eat a lot of the same foods over and over. Where I can’t find a food listed, I Google it and enter it manually, and if that doesn’t work I find something similar. I do a lot of estimating when I am out and about and away from the scale.