Mac Power Users 469: Running a Business with G Suite

I am very experienced in Linux. At a former company I rolled out Linux-based storage systems (mdadm, OCFS). But at home I want a box where I just pop drives in and after initial configuration just works. No desire to deal with stuff at home.

As for HW vs. SW RAIDs: SW RAIDs have advantages. Computer shot? Easy to mount a mdadm array on another computer. And what HW controller do you “trust more”? Too many brands, many without firmware updates, often not really transparent on what they are do. Quality HW controllers might be considered differently.


Yes, definitely comes down to time as well! Convenience is definitely a big feature :slight_smile:

Running a little behind in the show, I’d just like to add that I’d love love love a show on how folks are using AirTable. I feel like there’s a lot of options for usage there and I’d love to hear some use cases.


You can learn a lot - maybe everything - about AirTable from these two YouTube channels (one of them is AirTable’s own channel):

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