Mac Power Users 470: From Computing to Sheep Farming, with Oogie McGuire


Looking forward to my commute tomorrow morning!

Many thanks to @OogieM for joining us! :sheep:


Love this episode! And who would have thought searching for the keyword “sheep” in the forum would turn up such interesting posts!

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Any excuse to post this:


And of course, our sheep are entirely black too


Thank ewe for this fascinating episode. It wasn’t baaaaaad at all; indeed, I woold say it was one of your best. I ram sure I will find this information very useful.


I mutton have wanted to miss this episode. I am very glad I herd it. It makes me happy — or, as our Spanish friends say: me hace fleece.


Great show @OogieM – thank you for that and all your contributions here! :clap::clap::clap:

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Really, really great show. The discussion of objective metric tracking and genotyping hit me right in the science feels :microscope:

“… It’s a ‘Baaah’ code.” Oh my, thank you for this @OogieM, lol. Got a couple looks from fellow travelers as I chuckled at this :slight_smile:


I loved to watch that show! Unfortunately, now, if I need to google something on Black Sheep it’s hard to filter stuff out on this to focus on the ovine kind.

Enjoyed the show and many of the recent ones. It’s good to learn about stuff beyond the most important enhancements to Omnifocus. (No snark about the app intended.)

Looking forward to listening to this today.

I’ve “folllowed” Oogie for years on the GTD forums (never interacted, so that may sound weird/creepy) but have always read her posts for some good value.


Update: didn’t disappoint! Great show!


I was such a fan of that show as a kid @ChrisUpchurch


Very interesting episode, and nice to hear from a forum member! I learned from this.

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@OogieM I’d definitely be interested in hearing about how you end up scanning the 35mm slides you mentioned.

Current top candidate is to purchase this device
SlideSnap Pro
and use it with a Fuji XT2 24MP camera I have access too. I may need to buy a different lens, the 60mm macro that I can use isn’t quite right but the 80 mm macro that is suggested is about $900. That will get me to about 4200dpi. So for an estimated cost of about $4500 to allow for some shipping and other stuff my equipment cost per slide for the estimated 30K slides I have to scan will be around 15 cents.

Alternatively I could buy a new higher mp Nikon camera back and use it with my existing old manual micro Nikkor macro lens. Roughly the same cost as above.

Or even a third option, buy a whole new Nikon DLSR and macro lens. Cost for that addition would be about $3700 for a D810 camera and good Nikon AF macro lens. That is the most expensive option at about $7300 for equipment but it still makes the cost per slide about 25 cents.

At the end of that I could sell the camera and lens for about half what I paid for it. I suspect the entire scanning setup could be sold or even rented out here locally if I chose to keep it.

The best slide scanning place I can find that does 4000dpi scans of 35mm film runs 70 cents per slide. That’s a $20K plus investment in scanning! By owning the equipment I can work on this project in bursts as I have time and while it will take a lot longer in elapsed time I think it’s easier than renting.

If I didn’t have so many slides to do what I’d probably do is rent the little brother version from
EZ Photo Scan
5 days for $450. The issue with that is the scans are at a lower resolution, 3800dpi, than I want since I want a full archival quality scan. I’d also have to dedicate 5 full days non-stop with some help to get the slides out from their locations, cleaned and ready to scan. That’s hard to schedule with farm work.

Most of the time is going to be spent cleaning the slides and then later cataloging and editing metadata. I’ve already got them sorted and in rough chronological order and for about 15K of them I have full details in photo log books I created as I was taking the pictures.

As a final sweetener, the place that makes the SlideScan will sometimes take in old Kodak projectors for rebuild and I have 2 of them with a possible third in the garage. If the projectors are usable they provide discounts on your purchase of the final equipment.

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So… Want to help write the code to implement BLUP in LambTracker? Code is Java, I learned it so I’m sure anyone can if you don’t already know it. I just branched off the new database structure branch and am working to get the test database filled with data so I can start editing the code to handle the new structures. I’d really love more programmers working on the project.

Or the next genotyping project is I have to draw blood from about 30 yearlings to send in for scrapie genotyping at codon 171. It’s a good use of LambTracker and our label printer to print the for real bar codes plus sheep names and tag data on labels that go on the blood tubes. The lab can read the bar code and send me the data in an easy to input format. That project will start after shearing so sometime late March or early April.

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I should have bought a dozen film scanners 10 years ago when they were sold with huge discounts. Today refurbished ones are being traded for multiple times the original price.


just curious on what GTD forums you cite? the official David Allen forums, reddit?