Mac Power Users 472: Live in Chicago with Friends

OmniGraffle is good for making templates, as @MacSparky wrote about. I also recommend using Numbers for this. On my iPad I make GoodNotes 5 templates with Numbers – a very quick and adaptable procedure.

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enjoyed so much this MPU. Will love to see more fotos. Hopefully someday will be able to be on one. Being from Puerto Rico makes it a bit hard but that is on my bucket list. :slight_smile:

A few photos here:


Thank you for the pictures. I was browsing to your blog and is really nice and with great information. Added to my bookmarks. I once started one but since I was not a frequent writer so I stop doing so and close it.

However, each time I see this greats blogs, I get the rush of starting a new one :slight_smile:

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Gang … I did that post from the airport with an iPad. I’ll get the OmniGraffle forms up later this week.


@anon41602260 Care to share how you do that and/or what types of templates you create in Numbers?

Sure, here’s a simple one using tables. I use “Print” in numbers. In the print Preview on iOS, I pinch out the preview with a two-finger gesture that turns the preview into a PDF, which I save back to iCloud drive. From there I import to GoodNotes and other apps.

Numbers is much more than a spreadsheet app – you can drag in all sorts of graphical content.

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Is it just me or does the live episode sound better than the regular episodes? :thinking:

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Great show everyone just finished listening.

Chiming in a bit late here, but I had a super fun time at the show!


Edit I continued to use the Retro pen. After a few more attempts It started to work well. And continues to function well.

Chris pointed to a version of the pen I bought.

An instance of one… bought a monogramed Retro 51 version for spouse. The ink ball point assembly was a huge disappointment in everyday writing. It was draggy and and would not work at all on some surfaces. Body was well built (sturdy and heavy).

Did not return. … perhaps it functions best on dedicated writing paper or we got a defective one.

Your experience?

Was there more than the one picture taken at this live event?

I can’t tell if by “ink ball” you mean Rollerball or Ballpoint. They are very different. All of my Retro 51 pens are Rollerballs and write extremely well

I went to the live Upgrade recording in October (same location), and was a bit frustrated afterward that I spent so much time trying to get a good photo and wasn’t happy with any of them. So for this one I went in with the attitude that I was not going to worry about photos and just enjoy being there. The result was 1) a way more enjoyable event, but 2) absolutely zero photos from me I’m afraid.

As an FYI, the Vava hub I mentioned on the show is on sale right now!

Ok, I got the filler that came stock with the pen.
And I persisted in using it… The pen began and continues to work well.

I have wondered the same thing because I also listen to my podcasts at least 1.5X speed . Glad to hear it overcome in the live atmosphere. I am looking forward to seeing MPU 500 at MacStock.

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