Mac Power Users 472: Live in Chicago with Friends


OmniGraffle is good for making templates, as @MacSparky wrote about. I also recommend using Numbers for this. On my iPad I make GoodNotes 5 templates with Numbers – a very quick and adaptable procedure.


enjoyed so much this MPU. Will love to see more fotos. Hopefully someday will be able to be on one. Being from Puerto Rico makes it a bit hard but that is on my bucket list. :slight_smile:


A few photos here:


Thank you for the pictures. I was browsing to your blog and is really nice and with great information. Added to my bookmarks. I once started one but since I was not a frequent writer so I stop doing so and close it.

However, each time I see this greats blogs, I get the rush of starting a new one :slight_smile:


Gang … I did that post from the airport with an iPad. I’ll get the OmniGraffle forms up later this week.


@quorm Care to share how you do that and/or what types of templates you create in Numbers?


Sure, here’s a simple one using tables. I use “Print” in numbers. In the print Preview on iOS, I pinch out the preview with a two-finger gesture that turns the preview into a PDF, which I save back to iCloud drive. From there I import to GoodNotes and other apps.

Numbers is much more than a spreadsheet app – you can drag in all sorts of graphical content.


Is it just me or does the live episode sound better than the regular episodes? :thinking:


Great show everyone just finished listening.


Chiming in a bit late here, but I had a super fun time at the show!


Chris pointed to a version of the pen I bought.

An instance of one… bought a monogramed Retro 51 version for spouse. The ink ball point assembly was a huge disappointment in everyday writing. It was draggy and and would not work at all on some surfaces. Body was well built (sturdy and heavy).

Did not return. … perhaps it functions best on dedicated writing paper or we got a defective one.

Your experience?