Mac Power Users 472: Live in Chicago with Friends



Thanks to everyone who came out, and to the volunteers who helped make it possible!


Awesome episode - hope MPU makes its way to NYC sometime soon!


This was really enjoyable on so many levels. It was the first live podcast I’ve seen, was able to meet @ismh and @imyke, was very pleasantly surprised at the surprise guests @RosemaryOrchard and @imyke, and met a bunch of other great people.

Maybe this is how all podcasts go, but I was impressed at how smoothly everyone spoke. I’m sure they didn’t have a word-by-word script but it sure felt like it at times. I’m sure they all made a point to avoid talking over each other since it was live but I expected someone to misspeak enough that they’d want to do another take - it never happened. Nice work @MacSparky and @ismh.

Lastly, I’ve always joked that if I ever met podcast hosts in person, I probably would feel like they’re t-a-l-k-i-n-g i-n s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n since I normally hear their voices at 1.5x. That did happen but it was mitigated by the interesting aspect of watching the live recording.

— Rick


I like the live episodes everyone seems to be having so much fun in them. It did seem like @imyke tried to take over as host for a hot minute. :smile:


Had a blast at the live show. Thanks for putting it on. How about a RelayCon where there are multiple live recordings? I’d travel again for sure.

I especially want to thank Mike Schmitz for coming. Meeting you definitely put it over the top for me.


We have definitely talked about this and want to pull it off one day!


It was a really fun night for my self and my 11-year-old son, a new MacPowerUsers fan (though I’ll admit the real reason was there was that he was hoping Steven @ismh would burst out into an impromptu episode of Liftoff!).

Thanks for bringing it to Chicago.


I would so be in for RelayCon!


Great episode and bummed I couldn’t attend. I bought my MacStock ticket today though so really looking forward to episode 500. Also it was nice to have my question asked and answered.


I would 100% be there!


I remember when I first got into podcasts and not being quite sure why I liked some more than others.

As usual my wife picked up on it immediately: it’s a real skill to be able to talk continuously for long periods of time and keep it interesting (eg controlling the urge to restate something to get it just right too much.

Well done to you all (and the other podcasters I like!)


I’m curious how @RosemaryOrchard develops on her new Mac. Do you execute your php on the Mac or are you just using it to ssh/ftp stuff to a development box. Do you run Vagrant or Docker on the Mac?


I use MAMP, PHPStorm, DataGrip and MySQL Workbench for local development. I only have the Automators forums running in a docker container and that runs on Linode :slight_smile:

That said, I’m currently installing Xcode ready for my annual “let’s learn Swift!” personal challenge.


Did anyone catch the name of the space pen mentioned? I caught the 51 Tornado pen mentioned — just can’t find a space version.


I’m guessing they were referring to this set of Mercury/Gemini/Apollo themed Retro 51 Tornados.


Pen addicition is speading… :smiley:


Looks like that is it. Was hoping this might replace my former Fisher bullet pen.

I’ve had (and lost) my Fisher Bullet pen. Really liked the convenience and utility of it. Wasn’t crazy about the quality of writing — but I don’t think that’s its overall intent…


There was talk about the Good Notes templates David uses would be on the “download”. Anyone know where to get go for that? Thank you and great episode!


Found the answer to my own question :slight_smile: If anyone else is looking: