Mac Power Users 477: Mobile Music and Production with Jakob Haq

Looking forward to this one.

GREAT topic and guest. Quite a number of people out there pushing the limits of iOS in music production - and I’d even say some of the all time great iOS apps are music production apps.

Also, I get that the negativity and discussion of troubles can be tiresome - yet, people doing creative work like Jakob are the people who Apple loves to deploy for marketing purposes. It does hurt my soul a little bit to understand more about how little things like headphone jacks truly magnify the hurdles faced by musicians.

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More Swedes on the podcast! I like that accent. I listen to Paradox’s The Business of Videogames half for the accents and the confident approach to speaking. :slight_smile:

I actually liked hearing his complaints because they seemed to be refined by doing such a high output of work and an experimental mindset. Vastly preferred to the typical complaint from someone on reddit or twitter who doesn’t want to even try to adapt.

Having to do manual motion tracking is nuts, though. I didn’t quite catch whether there is no app that can do it, or whether it’s just not integrated well enough, but I hope that changes. I’d think Adobe is desperate to get real After Effects on iPad.

Really good episode! Hope Apple hears stories like these and makes iOS more helpful especially with file management.

This is the first MPU episode in 477 episodes that I stopped listening to halfway in.

I just didn’t like this guest. Out of all the guests on this show, this is the only one to ever annoy me. Being told multiple times to go Google something because he didn’t want to explain it is no-go for me, since my primary listening time is while driving.

Also it’s not an iOS only workflow. He’s still relying on the Mac for some things. A technicality, but something is either “only” or it’s not. Using a Mac to cover for file management shortcomings is not “iOS only”.

I got the vibe of “I’m trying to be iOS only, but it sucks so bad” from him and I don’t understand why people want to torture themselves like this (even if Apple does market the iPad as a pro tool).

This is nothing against David and Stephen. I just didn’t dig this guest at all.

Looking forward to next week’s episode.


I really enjoyed this episode. Your guest was amazing. Often I stop listening halfway through but listened to this one to the end.

The guest does matter, and your Jakob was interesting,engaged and intelligent.

Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

Excellent choice of topic and an awesome story from Jakob.

Great episode. Jakob shows what you can accomplish when you have a true “get it done” attitude.

I can understand his frustration with the iPad’s limitations. I’m beginning to wonder if many of the limitations of the iPad, especially the pros, are marketing decisions not technical ones.

I’m a big fan of Haq’s , and have been following his various YouTube videos for a while. If you have the slightest interest in making music on iOS his YouTube channel, as well as that of his former podcast co-host SoundTestRoom, are invaluable.

His negativity about the loss of the headphone jack is a real, longstanding, valid issue musicians still struggle with, and in the podcast he also references that same complaint by pro musician (and hardcore iPad musician) Gaz Williams, who is a regular on the SonicState electronic musician podcast (also available as video on YouTube), which I’ve listened to for 5-6 years.

I guess I’ve heard these complaints so long (far more angrily and vociferously) that it didn’t affect me as it did others here. Most listeners to that episode probably weren’t even aware of the issues involved.

Also, Haq’s English is excellent but the intonation sometimes gives you the wrong impression if you’re listening only. :man_shrugging: He really does know his stuff and his opinions are worth listening to, especially since they are informed and less fanboyish than the typical podcast guest. I find his iOS music tips to really be useful and have helped me quite a bit.

If you got through the first 20 minutes, you were just about through the biggest chunk of negativity in the episode. I agree those 20 minutes were a real slog through.

I think that when @MacSparky and @ismh are being critical of Apple, they generally do a good job getting the point across without turning the podcast into something unenjoyable. With a guest, they’ve got less control over that. In this case, I think the show suffered for it.


I thought it was a good episode with an interesting guest. He clearly knows his stuff and that made it interesting to hear his views (though yes, a tad too much anger coming through early on for it to be fun).

Whilst I do like the episodes about apps etc, I feel I get the most personal enrichment from episodes like this one and @OogieM’s interview where I get to hear real stories of people using tech. These are the episodes that will keep me with MPU even during my most zealous podcast pruning (I’m down to about 1 a day now).

p.s. now I listen to fewer podcasts, I’ll probably get more out of future interview shows with guests like Zac Hall, Casey Liss and John Gruber, too

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Yes. And the loss of the “courage port” is not just an issue for musicians. I’ve been on support calls that exceeded the battery life of my AirPods when they were new. Bluetooth headphones are much better than they were even two years ago. But when I need reliable communications, there is still no substitute for wired.

IMO, Jakob’s frustration is understandable. It hurts more when a “friend” lets you down. Windows users expect it, so it doesn’t bother them as much. :slight_smile:

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It does feel good to stretch our vocabulary from time to time, doesn’t it?

I enjoyed this episode and am glad to have discovered a new voice to listen to. I didn’t find the negative remarks hard going, and at 21:30 approx, Jakob said that he loves the platform and wants to make it better.
This episode should be required listening for Phil Schiller and Tim Cook, if they want the iPad Pro to truly be a pro system.


I think they’re well aware by now of the issues people have been raising.

Untill Apple finally gives use access to file managment and external storage.
How about using a local server or NAS to move large files arround?
I just tried moving and manipulating
some large image files between my Synology NAS and my iPhone over WiFi and it was very fast.

Ot course being out and having to tunnel files
trough the internet is a bottleneck.
But for iOS production while in your own network its seems very doable to me.

There have been a couple of episodes recently (this is one) that have made me realize just how good an interviewer/moderator Katie is. Sometimes hosts can be too controlling, but in all the years I listened, I never thought she was being heavy-handed in controlling the guest or steering the conversation.

Now that she’s gone, though, it seems to me the conversation tends to run away from the hosts a little bit. Maybe that’s just the personality of recent guests, but I suspect it has a lot to do with the lack of that moderating personality. (And it’s something that can be adjusted by David and Stephen, if they think it needs to b e, by being more mindful of it.) Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s an issue, but that’s my two (hopefully constructive) cents.

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I m still listening to the epoisode. I am familiar with Jakob from his music app tutorials(He is always enthusiastic and helpful). As for the negativity - yeah the guy was angry and frustrated. He has every right to be. There is nothing particularly "courageous ” about removing the the headphone jack for a thinner phone, and then have users have to carry more dongles if they want non latency sound or use headphones that don’t require power. As for proper channels and the right forum, Apple needs to hear the frustrations of real users rather than polite acceptance and mild regret over the loss OS a “legacy” port.

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