Mac Power Users isn't on Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic?

Is there a reason as to why the podcast isn’t available on the platforms mentioned in the title of this topic?

I don’t use any of those but aren’t podcasts held on a centrally held RSS feed that each app reads from?

What are those? Never heard of them.

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Not really. There is access to the iTunes podcast directory, which I know Marco has said he uses for Overcast.

My guess is that these services are not using the iTunes directory and whatever source they are using all lack MPU. That’s a failure of the services, not MPU. If you’re going to make a podcast repository, you ought to get all of the podcasts from major podcast networks, at the very least.

Your knowledge of podcast apps disappoints me. :wink:

Surely you guys know what Google Podcasts is, right?

My knowledge of podcast apps begins and ends with Downcast, since it is the best.


How do you know if it is the best if you haven’t checked out other options? :wink:

This is just a stab in the dark: Maybe it’s because MPU is hosted on Relay FM?

MPU looks like it’s on all four of these services to me.


I said I didn’t use them, not that I hadn’t heard of them :slight_smile:

Technically, MPU is hosted on Libsyn.

There is no one central “clearinghouse” of all podcast RSS feeds. The iTunes directory is probably the closest there is, because that was the first big index so it’s got name recognition. But podcasts don’t get into that directory automatically and there are lots of podcasts not listed there - producers have to submit their feeds and there is a review process to ensure that it’s categorized correctly and the content is within the bounds of what’s considered “decent enough.”

These other services don’t use the iTunes directory (either by choice or because they’re prevented from doing so) or actively seek out “minor” podcast networks (to us, Relay is a big deal. To the likes of Google, it’s pretty small).

Instead, just like the iTunes directory, they require that podcast producers submit their RSS feed URLs to them for inclusion. But there may still be a measure of editorial control involved.

It becomes a business decision - is it worth the time/effort/contractual hoop-jumping to submit to those directories? IIRC, Stitcher’s terms were such that it was undesirable for a number of podcasters to submit their feeds for listing there.

Yes, Marco uses the iTunes directory as a “seed” for the Overcast listings but IIRC that’s not the exclusive source and I would almost expect that if I added a subscription to a feed that isn’t in iTunes, it’s picked up and tracked just the same from that point on.

That is strange. They aren’t mentioned on the Mac Power Users Relay FM page.
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 10.32.40 AM
They should honestly be mentioned there.

Perhaps. There isn’t any connection between which podcast clients/directories a show or network chooses to promote, and where the show(s) can be found. There are dozens of aggregators and clients not listed.

I do see your point about the potential marketing benefit of listing as many links to the show as possible.

Google Podcasts is pretty popular though, so I’m surprised that it isn’t mentioned. Even then, I see no harm in including the others that Justin mentioned.

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While I’m sure Google Podcasts is a decent share of the overall podcast player market, I suspect it underperforms among people who are interested in a podcast called Mac Power Users.


We have links to the most popular players as we see them reported in our stats.

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Oh, fair enough. Would they just not fit?