Mac Power Users Marketplace?

I wonder if we could get a Marketplace forum where we could buy, sell, trade hardware within the safe confines of MPU users. I want to sell my M1 Pro + Magic Keyboard but really do not want to deal with eBay.

Just make it hard for people to just join and immediately advertise goods on “marketplace”. Kind of…just “trusted” people. At least 6 months on board, at least several posts, etc.


With all due respect, let’s not make this a marketplace. It attracts bargain hunters to the forum that seek nothing else. The same scammers that roam eBay and private market sites as well. Additional problem is we are a multinational community. Each country has different models, keyboards, taxes, duties, currencies, shipping requirements. Also AppleCare is often tied to the market you buy in, especially when models are local… etc etc.

In most countries there are well-established 2nd hand Mac markets. All of which also buy used hardware for reasonable rates.

You can sell back to Apple (trade-in, but rates vary), MacofallTrades, Cash4Mac (in the UK) to name a few. A web search will give you plenty of options, and you also feed a local 2nd hand market which is in demand.


I believe Mr Hackett explained their reasoning for NOT setting up a “For Sale/Wanted” forum a few times in the past. Made sense then and still does today. That would just add additional duties to the Admin roles and it seems they are juggling enough plates currently.


cool. Ebay it is then. :smiley:

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As this is not something we want, I’ll close this topic :slight_smile: