Mac Safari 15 Bugs

Hey all,

Is anyone else having these kinds of issues?

This is aside from the design changes, that have received plenty of coverage.

I’m having horrible buggy behaviour with Safari 15 on Big Sur 11.6. I was excited to use tab groups, keeping research and topics together in different groups is great. But the reliability of the software has gone to pot! So frustrating.

Context also, is that I’m doing a lot of research for various purchases. Multiple tabs and windows open with pages needed for reference and comparison. Can be somewhere between 3-10 tabs open in these windows.

Opening links in new tab opens only a blank new tab. (Cmd+click a link to open link in new tab. Tab opens, with focus. Start page is open, clicked link doesn’t load. Same occurs with sites scripted to open clicked links in new tab.)

Instant crash when I pull two YouTube tabs apart. (I click and drag a tab out of a window to create a new window with that tab. Both tabs in window are YouTube pages. Safari crashes before I can finish dragging the tab out of the tab bar.)

Tabs go invisible while reordering. Tab being clicked and dragged as well as the tabs that end up either side of. They go invisible until releasing the click.

It also happened once, while reordering tabs, one just disappeared with no trace in history either! Had to do the web search and find the page again.

Safari Version 15.0 (16612., 16612)

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I’ve had a bit of strangeness (disappearing) when rearranging tabs, and when rearranging pinned tabs. Other than that it’s been solid, and I’m loving tab groups.

In my case tabs don’t appear immediately. For example, I may launch several pages in the background from a site like Google News, but when I switch to Safari only one tab is visible. If I select that tab the others (usually) slide in from the right.

Safari 15 was crashing a lot at first but that finally resolved itself. I’m hoping 15.1 will get the MacBook Pro treatment. Put it back the way it was!

Yup, had quite a few Safari crashes, usually from trying to pull a tab out to create a new window (not always on YouTube).

Also had a strange issue where 2 windows displayed the same thing so clicking a link in one window updated the other one too (that was a one off).

Usually it re-opens to where it was though sometimes it needs the “Reopen all windows from last session” clicking in the history menu.

It always requests to send an error report so hopefully there’ll be an update & fix soon. :crossed_fingers: