Mac screen mirroring question

Here’s a conundrum maybe someone can solve…

I work with a partner, and have a 2nd monitor facing him so he can see what’s on my screen - but only when I want him to. I like to turn off mirroring for a second when I want to e.g. send a personal text. I set a keyboard shortcut (with BetterTouchTool) to toggle display mirroring on or off.

The problem is I have no way to easily know whether or not I’m mirroring - I either have to open up my displays preferences, or get up and look at the monitor that is facing away from me to check. I wish the displays menu bar icon had something on it that showed mirroring or not.

Any ideas for hacks or work-arounds to solve this issue?

How about a small mirror perched to reflect part of the screen back at you?

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I love that - low tech and simple solution!

Could you add an action to your mirroring action in BTT to switch to a different desktop when you aren’t mirrored?

How comfortable are you with writing a little script to check for you?

I wouldn’t know how to do that.