Mac Sound Routing

I teach virtually and I would love to be able to combine my voice, a guitar, a keyboard, and iTunes into on virtual output for my classroom. Rogue Amoeba’s Audio HiJack is amazing in terms of routing and combining sources, it’s just the last part of making a virtual output. They also have a product called loopback which is powerful and amazing in terms of audio routing, but there doesn’t seem to be too many players in this space. I have been looking at Sound Siphon who is close to getting the job done for, but either it isn’t working (new Mojave is tricky I guess), or I am not figuring it out.

Are there any other like programs? I used to use soundflower, but that was pretty hacky. I’m pretty close to spending the money, I just want to make sure I’ve explored all options before settling down and dropping some money.

I’ve used Audio Hijack for years. Loopback is awesome. I’d say go for it.

JACK Audio Connection Kit is an open source sound server daemon that provides real-time, low latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API. It’s available for Mac/Windows/Linux.

The iOS equivalent is probably AudioBus..

I’ve used Audiobus before. Great product on iOS devices. I think you’re right about going for loopback. At 31 I’m getting to old to be finicky hahaha.

Audio Hijack and Loopback are the best things on the market.

I use Loopback and it’s fine. It can get pretty complicated when you start routing around, especially with Cubase I got problems. But that is not the fault of Loopback but just a matter of complexity.