Mac Studio & Studio Display Costco Sale

Mac Studio
Mac Studio - Apple M1 Max Chip - 512GB
Online Price $1,949.99 - $250.00

Apple Studio Display - Standard Glass - Tilt-Adjustable Stand
Online Price $1,499.99 - $200.00


Thanks @hpm. At $1299 is this worth it? Or better off waiting for one of those CES demo’d monitors?

This is my next monitor. I don’t need whatever the Studio display offers. The ports on this are amazing too.

That’s a 4k monitor, though.

I wouldn’t get the CostCo deal unless you know that the height of the stand will work for you. I think the VESA version’s a better deal at full price.

That Mac Studio is tempting…that’s basically the same price as a 32GB M2 Pro Mini in a better form factor.

overpriced for me. I bought an iMac 5k during the “two weeks to flatten the curve” and I wish I could get rid of it now. I am a laptop + monitor person. now I have an extra computer and it irritates me. :slight_smile:

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Actually the cost can be much lower and this may be returned (need to confirm) anytime as it does not fall into TV or Computers with 90 Day return period.

4% cash back on Executive Costco member
Plus 2% cash back with Costco Citi Card.

2% cash back on Gold Costco member aka Standard Membership
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Sell it. No need to torment yourself.

Apple offered me a whopping $500 for it… If the monitor wasn’t crippled with no external input, I would just use it for my laptop monitor. Will pass it down eventually I guess when an indestructible 2013 Dell Optiplex finally dies…

I don’t know what CES demo monitors might go for.

I did see on the Apple refurbished site that the standard glass Apple Studio Display (vesa or tilt adjustable only model) is going for $1,359 and the base Mac Studio is going for $1,799.

It’s possible a Mac Studio refresh is coming, I have no idea.