Mac Studio - Teardown

This video depicts the internals of the Mac Studio:

A portion of my career was spent as a manufacturing engineer supporting surface mount assembly and final assembly and test. The engineering and manufacturing excellence that has gone into this machine from the perspective of these disciplines is impressive. The later portions of my career included circuit board layout and interposer physical design. Those aspects of the design are state of the art.

I have a basic Mac Studio on order and had been facilitating about making this purchase. The teardown has convinced me that the machine is a great value from the perspective of the intellectual property embodied in the physical design and implementation incorporated in the machine.

My only caveat is to facetiously remind myself that: β€œthe pioneers are the dead bodies beside the trail with the arrows in their backs.”


I have $5 that says that machine will never function properly again

I want to see the video where he puts it back together.

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In another video they say they got it back together.