Mac thinks buttons are being pressed

For the last few days my Mac seems to think that buttons are being pressed when they are not. Specifically it seems to be the tab key but sometimes also x or q. It continues to happen when I remove my keyboard and Magic Trackpad. I’ve also removed the keycaps on the keyboard and there does not seem to be anything wrong with the switches.

The machine in questions is a 2020 M1 Mini, running Ventura 13.5.2. I have updated some apps this week but did not install anything new. The issue does not seem to happen all the time, but after some period or maybe after I try putting my Mac to sleep, at which time it does not stay asleep?

Has anyone heard of anything like this? I’m thinking this weekend might be spent either wiping the drive, or turning off everything that runs at start up and seeing if I can find the culprit, but I’d rather find what it could be and simply fix/remove it. Thanks in advance for any insights!

I’ve had this happen before when I had another bluetooth keyboard attached that I didn’t remember. Whenever I came within range of that keyboard, which had something pressing one of its buttons, my computer would start acting weird. Do you have a bluetooth mouse or keyboard elsewhere that may be causing trouble?


Good idea but no. I do occasionally use a wireless mouse but it’s not Bluetooth it uses a dongle for like 2.4 ghz or something and it is turned off. I mean I can take out the dongle from the Mac just to be sure…