Mac Uptime Tracking

I’ve gotten to be a bit obsessive over my uptime since getting my new MBP. It’s completely vain, hoping to see the biggest number from the uptime command possible, but it’s got me curious if there’s a way to track/chart uptime/boot history across the whole life of the device.

I find the last command a bit hard to parse, but maybe if I learned, I could just keep track in a silly spreadsheet. Is there any software out there to do this for me?

I’ve not used it myself but this might be worth checking out:


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Thanks! This seems to work pretty well for managing the “high score,” which is really the #1 thing I’m after.

Also, further digging revealed that while last on its own gives me a bunch of extra data, last reboot sticks to just reboots which aren’t too hard to chart in Numbers.

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