Mac Utility to switch between dark/light mode?

I’m looking for a utility app to put in my menu bar to switch between dark/light mode. I’ve never run scripts so that is not an approach I’d prefer to use. I do have Alfred so perhaps there is a workflow? I checked the app store for a utility but not finding what I’m looking for. Any suggestions/

haven’t tried it - but this seems to meet your need

I use this Alfred workflow and it works fine:

With a little more research I found away to do this with Automator and then Alfred!

Now all I do is invoke Alfred and start typing Tog… and it switches. :slight_smile:

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One Switch suits your need (it’s free to use if you already subscribed to Setapp)


Is this something that Siri on Mac will respond to?

Are you a LaunchBar user? I have a LaunchBar action that does this for me.

Thanks for asking. No I don’t use LaunchBar. But the Alfred workflow is working nicely. Thanks again though.

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Nightowl is great and not just for switching between light and dark mode. The app allows you to whitelist apps so certain apps are displayed in light mode even when running dark mode on the OS level.

I wrote about it a while back.


I went a little crazy with this Alfred workflow

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Thanks, that is the type of app I was looking for!

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Thanks for this thread…

Just bought One Switch. I normally keep my iMac in Dark Mode, but that mode sometimes has difficulty with certain highlighted text and picture embeds, especially in Apple Mail. Switching to light mode allows me to see these items, but it’s a pain having to go into Settings, etc… Having one control switch in the Menu bar makes it much easier, and the App can control other things as well. So worth the $5. :smiley:

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