MacBook adorable -- repeated power supply deaths

I’m about to bring my MacBook adorable (12") in for the third time for a full lobotomy due to the charging killing the motherboard.

Anyone else experience this or similar? My coworkers 15" pro with usb-c similarly died but only once.

Research your local laws about repairs, as well as Apple’s policies and any extended warranty protection provided by the credit card you bought the computer with. I seem to recall hearing that Apple had a policy of replacing the computer outright if it had to be repaired three times for the same problem. But I may be mistaken.

Seriously? WOW…knock on wood, I’ve had zero issues with mine and it’s my daily driver. Good luck!

Yep, apple is doing (yet another) warranty repair for this machine. The battery which is barely 30 days old was already failing at 60 cycles

And broken again. This is the 3rd time this unit has needed service. Got usual Genius Bar acknowledgment without real help. :frowning:

Allegedly if this breaks again (4th time) they will consider a refund + new machine. :roll_eyes:

Are you using the original power supply?

yes (and no, they’ve replaced the powersupply and cable, but they are apple parts and cables)

Thanks for letting us know. Because too often we hear about failed batteries/fires etc only to find out there was a cheap 3rd party power supply or cord involved.
Really strange that this is happening to you, I am wondering if there is a feedback or bad ground loop caused by connected devices causing it.

Unclear, overall from the non-random sample of my Facebook friends, deaths of USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 macs with random powersupply issues seems common

Not among the 100+ that I have under my pool…

Good to have more data, meanwhile they’ve been unable to fix mine and are unwilling to replace it. :frowning:

Make sure to also have them replace the power supply and cord on the next repair…

Back in my day at the Geniusbar there was a rule that the Manager could approve a replacement after 3 failed mayor repairs.

While they have replaced 2 power bricks and 2 cords, they refuse to send them in to the depot to be looked it which I find odd. And “oh goodie” I’m just one repair away from a replacement.

And the computer has been in the depot’s hands for over 8 days with no updates. At this point they may effectively be giving me back a new computer :open_mouth:

~12 days at depot; they found a short in the logic board this time… time will tell.