MacBook Air 13" (2020) fan noise and web browsers

Hi All,
Recently Firefox has made my fan go nonstop. Most of the time it stops eventually after I quit Firefox. (I’m using Catalina 10.15.7 and Firefox 88.0 - says it’s up-to-date). Safari is a little better a little longer, but not much. Chrome? All I have to do is think the word and the machine starts to whir. Any advice?

Try Brave. I run Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Brave on Catalina regularly (on a 2020 MBP, a 2017-ish MBA, and a 2025-ish MBP).

As far as I can tell, the worst offenders are specific websites using Safari and Chrome (and maybe Firefox — I use it only for very specific sites, mostly for its table-copying functionality). There’s a specific news site that will trigger this pretty reliably with Safari and Chrome if I leave a few tabs open for any length of time.

Brave seems better, maybe because it’s blocking cruft. (I can’t think what else it would be, given that it’s using the same engine as Google.)

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Ooh. Tell us more!! :wink:

CPU usage by some websites is insane. You look for some info and all the embedded animations/ads increase CPU/memory load by several magnitudes.

If you use a lot of tabs, an extension like Auto Tab Discard can help alleviate the memory footprint by unloading the content.

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Hah! If only I could. Prediction: touch screen, magnetic charging, no ports, keys are Haptic Touch but have little LCDs a la a Stremdeck. You heard it here first. (Totally pulled out of thin air, of course.)

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