Macbook Air 2015 11" Dual Thunderbolt display with OS 10.13.6

Hi everyone!

I’d like to hear if anyone has experience with the following set-up:

Macbook Air 2015 11" running 10.13.6
Two Thunderbolt Displays 27"

I’ve been using my Thunderbolt Display for about 10 years with subsequent versions of Macbook Airs (2011, 2012 and 2015) in clamshell mode, very happy.
With the increase of tele-everything I find myself craving for more screen space, so I’m considering a second display. Online I seem to find that the MBA 2015 supports two screens (whereas previous versions don’t), but I also understood that dual screen drivers (this might not be their official name) were changed with 10.13.4 and certain display combinations (non-Apple, with various adapters) no longer work. I’m considering a refurbished second Apple Display, although I’m aware there are less expensive ones which are just as good - or better - now, for the sake of simplicity and not having to battle with adapters. However, I have found no reports of this exact combination, so I am not sure that it would work. I’d rather avoid buying the display and then having to return it. So if anybody has tested this, including the OS version, I would be very grateful to hear your experience. I’ll mention on the side that I can’t use AirDisplay to turn spare MacBooks I have into extra screens because of the same dual display limitation introduced in 10.13.4, but I’m not sure if it affects hard-wired displays too.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!