MacBook Air M1 2020 - mixed emotions

I got my MacBook Air M1, 16GB in December. After installing BigSur 12.1 on Feb. 7th, the machine got extremely hot. Not only the body was affected but also the right side of the display cover got hot.
You could see the battery drain in warp speed in the preferences pane.

After three calls with the Apple support, my machine was mailed in to the repair service on Thursday 11th. I got it back on Tuesday 16th. This was really fast and I was impressed.
The display and battery were replaced.
Now the display flickers, even after reinstalling the OS and setting the display to not change the light according to the ambient light. Hardware diagnose did not find any error.
So after having a 45 minute call with the support my machine gets back to repair again.
An upgrade to a MacBook Pro or the exchange to a new machine is not possible.

I think the Air is not worth recommending.
Although the Air is as integrated as an iPad that works just fine, the form factor seems not to be made for a productive machine.
If you have to decide between the Pro and the Air I would definitely go for the Pro.

That’s unfortunate – I assume you’re saying that Apple will not permit that. Too bad there are not lemon laws for computers, requiring exchange or compensation for a bad unit.

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Sorry to hear this.
It’s not ideal, but could you buy a Pro and trade in your Air? I got a good price for my 2015 MBP when I traded it in.

Edit: I think Apple has some sort of three-strikes rule about computers under warranty. After a couple of attempts at repair, I think they will replace it. Maybe @MacGuyMI or @ismh would know?

Complaining on Twitter might get some traction,

You can call Apple and be sure you’ve conveyed your disappointment.

If you’re able, as a last resort you can go to a store and complain loudly. This always worked for my ex-wife.


I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Dealing with a broken computer is no fun, in part because it holds so much of our life, work, interests.

However, to state that the macbook air m1 is not worth recommending based on a single computer failing makes little sense. You received a lemon, Apple should replace it. 1 lemon does not stand for the quality of the entire category.


It used to be that three major repairs = new machine, but it was often up to the individual store or AppleCare manager, but it’s been years since I’ve come across it.

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Echoing @JohnAtl I would recommend Twitter as well. I had many things resolved through that route. I don’t let go until I’m satisfied or we reached a proper compromise for support within reason of course. Keep a detailed log on your side of everything that happens. A friend of mine got a full replacement for his AirPods Pro. In his situation they kept trying to fix things here and there, until he was fed up. He had a document outlining all the calls for support and fixes. In the end, he said “I think we tried everything we can, please replace it”

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Sorry you are having problems with your MBA. Really strange behavior you were having originally. The repair should have solved it, but as it turns out you ended up with a new issue. No one wants you have these issues.

Apple does want a chance to make it right. If you purchased this in a store, you may be able to talk with a Manager about getting it replaced (or even upgraded). Keyword is: MAY.

Online purchases are a bit more difficult to get replaced but not impossible. Please let us know what happens.