MacBook Air M1 and poor internet connectivity

I just received a new MacBook Air M1. It seems great … except for one thing: the internet connectivity is very slow. Much slower than my old MacBook Pro and my old iMac. I used migration assistant from old laptop to new laptop.

I’m not sure what’s wrong or how to fix it. If anyone has suggestions I’d be glad to hear them. I’ve restarted several times.

When I connect via ethernet everything is fine (or seems to be), but that’s not practical most of the time.

I’m using an Amplifi system. Strangely the MBA M1 won’t even connect to one of the extenders at the back of my home.

… so I don’t know if this is something to do with Amplifi somehow, something that needs to be “cleaned” after doing a Migration Assistant transfer, or something else.

Is Private Relay enabled? This slows connections significantly in my experience.

@Rob_Polding Thank you very much for the suggestion. I just checked and Private Relay is off.

Is it taking a long time to display wifi networks and connect to them, but achieving the expected speeds and latency once connected? That’s an issue I’m having with M1 on Monterey. Deleting and recreating the Wi-Fi network and deleting the relevant plists returns it to expected speed for a few days. It only seems to happen when it has to switch networks (e.g. carried somewhere) which, if the same issue, could be combining poorly with having to switch between your main and extender.

FWIW I use an AMPLIFI system and the WiFi upload/download speed of my iPhone 11 and M1 MBA are the same I get on Ethernet.

@WayneG I’m finding something similar. For me ethernet is still faster, but not tons faster. I’ve liked the Amplifi system a lot. I doubt the Amplifi is the source of my problem. Thanks for confirming all works well with the MBA M1.

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@cornchip No, it doesn’t take a long time to display wifi networks. Put differently, not any faster or slower than my other computers. With one big exception: the new MBA M1 will not connect to one of my Amplifi extenders: but it will easily see/connect to the main hub and another extender quickly. I don’t know what to make of the situation.

… at any rate the main issue right now is not connecting (with one exception) but very slow speeds (relative to my other devices) once connected.

Thanks for suggesting this as a source of the problem. It’s hard for me to figure out where to even get started since it’s a behavior I’ve never seen before … and I’ve done migration assistant several times over the decades.

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Do you use it in clamshell mode? I’ve definitely found wifi issues with using my M1 Pro in clamshell mode, but it is lightning fast the rest of the time.

@BriFerris Thanks for the suggestion. Nope, I never use in clamshell mode.

On this week’s Upgrade, Myke described having my same Wi-Fi issue! I feel seen, even though Jason sounded skeptical. I’m hopeful that enough are having the issue that a fix is on the way.

macOS 12.1 is out now. Hopefully, it clears this up!

@cornchip and @ismh : I finally identified the problem. I’m using an app called WARP by CloudFlare. It works perfectly fine on my other computers. With WARP I have 2 setting options: regular and WARP.

Regular: Your DNS queries are private and faster.
and WARP: Your Internet is private.

… at any rate choosing regular and not WARP solves the problem. I did upgrade to 12.1 this morning and it’s definitely working faster than yesterday. My guess is there’s some issue between WARP and the M1 chip.

At any rate, I’m back to happy browsing again! Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Nice! I would guess it’s something between Warp VPN and your wifi setup, not M1–but who knows. Hopefully Cloudflare will keep troubleshooting and updating a variety of network configurations.

I think it has, after traveling to a few locations today. All the control center and Network Preferences UI is instant and memory per user’s ControlCenter process use is staying around 45-50MB. Whew.

I can’t remember the last time I was so eager to install a point update.