MacBook Air M1 Turns on When Pressing any key or trackpad

Before buying the M1 Air I had the 2016 MacBook Pro. When I turned off the Pro, it remained in the shutdown state until I hit the power button. The new M1 Air however,

  • Turns on automatically when I open the lid

  • Turns on when I press a key or trackpad (if the lid was already open).

It seems that this is a normal behavior for the new Macs. I have two questions:

  • Can anybody confirm this if this is normal behavior or not?

  • If it is, is there a way to turn this off?

It’s not an M1 feature it was in earlier Intel MacBooks.

Not sure how/if you can turn it off.

unfortunately, no way

This is also the default behaviour for my 2015 macbook pro. So not sure it can be changed.

I think this article has the explanation for turning off auto opt when opening the lid. I know it worked at one time, but turned I ended up just switching it back to default. If I remember the posts correctly then, it also worked for key presses.

I tried it but this reverses after a few shutdowns.

Yeah, this is what I thought. Couldn’t find a way anywhere.

It seems that way…