MacBook Back up - suggestions

Any thoughts or suggestions? IDRIVE%20

Some others seem pretty happy with iDrive in this thread:


It sounds good, but makes me a bit nervous that they are giving the service away as a promotion.
Maybe a month to get you locked in, but a year?

I also felt the promotion rubs me the wrong way. But that might just be the snobby snob in me.


Because I was interested (my 75% discount on CrashPlan for Small Business will expire soon) I searched for this deal.

Search results show that IDrive has had similar discounts (90% off) before.

I’m considering taking the offer now.

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IDrive came out with a promotion for $6.95 yearly subscription for 5TB storage. Your thoughts? & thank you for sharing your expertise. It is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

If you think 5TB is sufficient, they offer the features you want/need, and you trust the company to:

  1. protect your data from intruders
  2. not exploit your data for their own gain
  3. exist long enough to actually be useful

then go for it. It looks like others around here have.

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Fine print says, you must show proof that you’re paying for a competitor’s plan.

Did you find that to be true? There are no details on how you have to prove it.

Well I have to say I should have kept with if is not broke DON’T Fix it. I would highly recommend that Nobody use Backblaze as it is the most evasive software since MacKeeper.

Ok so there is absolutely no idea what is being backup and I was unable to get the detail granularity that I am able to get from iDrive so this was my reason to stop using Backblaze.

Step 1. I had deleted my credit card payment info and then I was getting notifications that there was not credit card information to back up

Step 2. I used CleanMyMac to Uninstall the Software from my Mac. Then I was still getting notices.

Step 3. I logged on the Backblaze website and deleted all user Licenses and Backup instructions. Still getting notices

Step 4. I logged on the Backblaze account and deleted emails and account and now still getting notices like this…

So I think that I encountered my first virus. If this persists I will contact Backblase support and threaten to make a complaint to the appropriate governmental agency that regulates these types of things. Something that I have never done in my life.

I have been using IDrive and it saved me when my Mac was stolen last year in LA so I highly recommend them and I will continue to use them and so sorry that I have tried to use Backblaze. You can read my post below about my Backblaze experience

so you decided not to use the uninstaller that BackBlaze provides?