MacBook - force RGB to correct fuzzy external monitor?

I have been given a Dell 22 external monitor to use with our 2020 MacBook Air, in order to work at home. It is connected via HDMI. However, the display is terrible, notable blurry, pixelated fonts.

A trawl through the internet suggests that this is due to MacOS using YCbCr (TV display) rather than RGB (PC monitor) by default. The accepted solution (e.g. here and here) seems to be to force RGB using a script to patch the EDID setting.

  • Is this advisable or dangerous?
  • Is there an alternative solution?
  • Will it be a problem if I ever want to later run HDMI to a TV display? e.g. Can I switch back to TV monitor view from the OS or will I need to run another script?

Thoughts welcome!

I’ve routinely used Dell monitors with Macs and while I’ve not had the specific problem you described, here’s what’s solved the minor problems I’ve encountered.

Go to System Preferences/ Display/Color and run Calibrate. Just take the defaults, continue, continue, etc. and name the profile. That’s it.

Might work. If not try the Dell support site. Lots of Mac owners use their monitors.

I had this exact same issue today and followed the directions at your second link (the first one has you disable something that doesn’t need to be disabled). The override should be specific to that monitor so it won’t affect anything, and you could always just delete the override file.

Good point @e.c I’ll give it a go.

@WayneG that didn’t solve this problem, but good to know.