Macbook pro 13" 2014 to 2020

Let me ask this a different way—what is the best way to connect my current devices to the new MBP?

I’ve had the following recommendations:

My monitor is not usb-c capble, so need thunderbolt 2(minidisplayport) or hdmi capability to interface with it. This one is a multi port adapter only and doesn’t supply power, but can be portable:

But this one would be a docking station that supplies power through the usb-c cable back to the laptop, so no need for a power charger at desktop setup (leave it in bag for travel).

The problem with this is it only offers a mirrored display which seems weird.

I am switching from a mid-2014 to the new MBP 13" ($1799 model)

Can’t help you with docking stations or Thunderbolt accessories, but if you’re running out of USB ports I have a couple of powered Anker 10-port USB hubs that have been going strong for years.