MacBook Pro 16” laptop bags

There seems to be a real shortage of laptop bags for 16” MacBook Pros.

My wife just got one and didn’t want a backpack. We eventually found a Danish one (nothing wrong with that).

I wonder if other people have found good quality bags that fit the 16” and are well appointed.

I’d widen this topic to include backpacks, despite her not wanting one , in the hope it’s useful for someone else.

I’m a recent convert to Waterfield Designs. I just bought the Bolt backpack and love it. They have many non-back pack laptop bags as well.

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I recently bought a Samsonite slim business backpack for around 200€ (wIth a discount in the christmas sales), especially designed for the 16”, and it’s great. It’s well designed so it does not look big when worn and has a special pouch that protects the laptop. It supports the weight well, especially considering that I also carry around a 12.9” iPad.

They also stock carry bags, although I’m not sure if they make one specifically for the 16”. I’d go to their shop and see, rather than risking ordering online and not liking the design/shape.

The laptop bag I had for my old 15" MBP fits the new 16" just fine. So if you can’t find a 16" one you might find a 15" bag that fits!

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How does the size of the 16" compare to the 15"? Didn’t the screen get bigger because they removed the bezels/borders and not by increasing the overall size? So, it’ still (bag-wise) a “15”)?

I just went through this dance myself after upgrading laptops. I ended up just ordering a half dozen or so bags off Amazon and tried them out. The free returns on them all helped make it a not costly proposition.

I landed on this one.

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All measurements in cm:

15": 1.55 x 34.93 x 24.07
16": 1.62 x 35.79 x 24.59

So the 16" is 0.7cm thicker, 0.8cm wider, and 0.52cm deeper

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While the 16" is slightly larger than the 15" retina, it is smaller than the pre-retina 15" models. So depending on how old your existing bag is it could go from an easy fit to just fit (if the 15" retina was cozy) or no fit. Check out anything you might buy first!

Actually my wife noted the dimensions and found very few of the bags claimed to cope.

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Thanks. So, if I move to the 16", I can keep my laptop sleeve.

I wouldn’t count on it. :frowning: