Macbook Pro 2013 - will not update to 13

My MacBook would not upgrade today. Let me know if my MacBook is too old, to be able to update. Thank you

Catalina hasn’t been released yet - it’s only iOS 13 that has been released.
No date yet for Catalina.

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Check the bottom of the page for the list of compatible Macs. Looks like you are good.

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Just got Safari 13 on my Mac…the rest of the new OS will have to wait.

Be wary about letting your Mac install Safari 13. It kills a lot of extensions off including Paprika, Evernote Clipper, OneNote Clipper.

Edit: I opened a ticket with Evernote and the help desk reply was in essence: “yes, we know it’s broken … we’ll have a fix in a few months”. Hah!


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Yeah I just realised it killed 1Password (6 at least). DT3 seems ok.

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Yup, my extensions are gone! Will try rolling back to Safari 12 :crossed_fingers:t4: