Macbook Pro 2018 keyboard replacement or M1 Macbook pro?

Hi MPUers, I have an MBP 2018 (15inch/i7/32GB). The keyboard on this isn’t the best and has issues like double key presses or no press detection. Has anyone tried the keyboard replacement program from apple? How was your experience?

I’m debating with myself if I should get the keyboard replacement or just get the new MacBook Pro (since it’s pretty awesome). I honestly don’t do any heavy-duty stuff on this. Just Netflix, youtube, online coding…and that’s it.

Need your suggestions :slight_smile:

No experience with the keyboard replacement program, but the scissor-switch keyboards are a lot better than the butterfly ones. It’s probably a good time to upgrade now, don’t bother with the old keyboards any longer. Plus you get all the advancements with Apple Silicon.

I assume you mean the M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro, since you’re coming from the 15 inch? Because just the “M1 MBP” is another product with a Touch Bar and the old design. Naming is confusing :slight_smile:

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I’m doing both… once my new MacBook Pro is set up I’m sending off the 2018 one to get the keyboard replaced.
I can’t be without a development machine for any length of time. Then should I decide to sell it I can at least say it has a new keyboard.

My replacement keyboard had no issues, but it’s luck of the draw.
It all depends on your financial situation and need, really.

I got it replaced twice on a late 2016 MBP, both at no cost… they lasted 2 years. 2018 model should be better, though.

Eventually it will get outside the free repair time frame so I’d think of a base model M1 machine, the keyboard seems much more reliable… unless you need/want 16 inch, it makes sense financially. If you have to go for the 16 inch the base price might be a little steep.

my 2 cents

Either way, get the keyboard replaced. It won’t cost you anything and you can resell with a clear conscience.


Seconded. Also, the replacement keyboard comes with a new battery.