MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard, should I be worried?

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 13" 2018 that replaced a 2017 version that I transferred to a lucky guy in my office. Even with the well known keyboard issues that have happened to many people, my 2017 MacBook worked flawlessly. I know that the 2018 versions come with some extra protection to minimize the keyboard issues. Based on my experience, I accepted the “risk” since I think the chance of a failure is low.

As disclaimer, I am aware that there is the option that two quick spacebar touches it creates a point. I checked that his did not was the issue. I started using the 2018 with great happiness and after two weeks while I was typing, suddenly sometimes after I typed a word, it started typing a point: “.” I continued typing and this happened again and again every now and then. I started getting nervous, rebooted the MacBook and even if it did not happen all the time, it continued on a random basis.

I contacted Apple and they told me to try it in safe mode, and check if it continue happening. It was, the point continue appearing in safe mode (:scream:). After that failed, they told me to do a SMC and NVRAM reset of the Macbook. I did… and after that, the issue has not happened again in the last 5 days of regular work use. As a precaution I took it to the store and since it only happened with a point, they told me to “uncheck” the double space bar - “create point” option. Maybe my spacebar was too “sensitive”.

Other than sharing this experience I would like the opinion of the community on the following points:

  1. Based on the experience, the SMC and NVRAM reset solved the issue. However it does not make much sense to me that this could work, does someone believe this really could solve an issue like the one I described?
  2. Do you believe this was a clue that my MacBook will have a keyboard failure in the future? Even if it is working fine now, I am quite stressed because I travel a lot and depend on this machine to be productive in the road.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to try this myself. I’m having a strange issue where sometimes a carriage returned is typed. I’ll let you know if there’s an update for me. And mine is typed with an external apple keyboard.

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