MacBook Pro. Black screen

When I opened my MacBook Pro, all I saw was a dark screen. Backlight is on and keyboard is on, I think (caps lock lights up at least). Restarted by holding power key, no change. Safe restart (hold Shift) — same thing. Am pretty sure this is a dead hardware issue — off to Apple with it, But thought maybe someone here would have an idea.

Update: I hooked up a second display (HDMI TV) and it works, so pretty clear that it’s the display hardware on the MacBook. I’ll use Duet to set up my iPad as a second display and limp along until I can get it fixed.

Additional suggestions welcome.

I’d try resetting the SMC:


Some models had issues with the display cable. Only fix for that is to replace the cable.

More details here:

Great answers. Thanks, all.

A week later, it started working again. No apparent reason.

But now it says the battery needs service.

I’ll reset the MPU when I get home but I don’t expect much…