MacBook Pro “flexgate” repair time?

Has anyone had their 2016 MBP screen cables repaired? How long did it take? Thanks

Well I dropped off my laptop Saturday, it didn’t ship until late Monday, and as of Tuesday evening it’s still listed as being diagnosed.

What did they quote you for turnaround time?

Normal Depot repair is between 5-10 business days currently. Since Fed-Ex doesn’t work Sundays, that would explain why it didn’t ship till Monday night.

3-5 days. Repair was underway earlier today.

October 24, 2019: Your repair is completed, and your product will be on its way back to you soon.

looking at 6 days if they get it back tomorrow. Trying to work on ipad and pre-retina imac. Not ideal.

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Got it back today. In addition to replacing the screen they replaced the front and back of the laptop which had some big scratches, and serviced the keyboard so that one key which was sticky occasionally no longer sticks. It feels like a brand new computer - another great AppleCare experience, even though it took longer than I’d have liked.