MacBook Pro is Possessed

Okay, this keeps happening frequently and the only way I can resolve is either 1) wait it out 2) restart my whole screen.

When my Mac is sleeping, I wake it up and type in the password. My keyboard doesn’t type the password just the first letter or two and just flashes. I usually have to wait and it eventually with time fixes itself. Then it accepts the full password. When this happens, I know I will have this “Mac possession” case. Upon logging in, anytime I go to a window it starts randomly pinching and zooming. How do I break this cycle.

sounds like a bad keyboard or trackpad

Or the Mac is always busy doing something when it returns from sleep and stops accepting input for a while.

Easy thing to test. Log into a new user account, let the Mac sleep, then see if the behavior occurs in that new account.

External spinning drives can cause delays here and there (as macOS waits for them to wake up). Not sure if login would be affected.

The pinch/zoom thing is weird.