Macbook pro M1 13" and the trackpad is glitchy now - help!

So randomly, the other day, my trackpad on my MacBook Pro (13-inch M1, 2020) running MacOS 12.3.1 has started spazing. Palm detection is flaky, clicks are not responsive or recognized, the cursor moves around like it is having seizures. I didn’t spill anything on it or get food on it, nor did I drop it or anything, just using it like normal and now I’m having a hard time.

Googled the problem, and did the regular repair disk permissions, reboot, I also used the Clean my Mac app to do some maintenance and Onyx as well. Then I Deleted the Trackpad Property List Files, another reboot. Nothing changes. I am trying to plan a trip to the apple store, but the closest one is like 4 hours away. Hoping someone can help. Any help is appreciated.

A) Can you use a Mouse?
B) Does the cursor still jump around?
C) Boot in recovery mode (or a different User account if possible) and see if the issues remains. This will help determine if it is Software or Hardware.

The following assumes you are located somewhere in the world where AppleCare is available.

Call AppleCare for support and save yourself a 4 hour trip each way. They can hopefully run a Diagnostic Test with you during the call. AppleCare can also ship you a box should a Hardware repair be required. This will be the fastest method to get your MBP back in your hands.

If you decide to take a trip to an Apple Store… be prepared to be without your MBP for up to 2 weeks. I know that seems drastic, but you should be ready when they tell you this. These days it seems that the only device that gets repaired same day is an iPhone.

Please have a Backup before reinstalling software or leaving your MBP for a hardware repair.

My opinion is this is a Hardware issue. Either Trackpad assembly, the cable that connects trackpad to logic board or the Logic Board itself is the problem.

I have heard this many times during my tenure at the Genius Bar, so I will say the same thing I told everyone else. “I believe you right now but once we opened it up, that will tell us what our next steps will be.”

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My trackpad that I’m using with clamshell M1 MBA displayed these symptoms today. A restart restored normal function, but I’ll be watching for it…