MacBook Pro M2 Popping Sound

Has anyone had an issue with a MacBook Pro M2 making a random ‘pop’ sound?

Something is causing it and it is tantalisingly annoying!

I’ve tried some commands in the terminal, but it doesn’t show up in th terminal as other alert sounds do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

This will not be of any help, but MacBooks making popping sounds… are not a new thing:

Regarding recent Macbook Pros:

I have a Macbook Air M1 and I have not noticed anything like that.

So what to do in your case?

There is hope when Sonoma will be released. Or not. Who knows? :slight_smile:

Also interesting is that apparently apps being coded for Intel can be an issue:

This has been happening since the 2019 Macbook Pro 16" was released. They have been promising a software fix for … checks notes… 4 years now…