MacBook Pro power issues

I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch for work. A couple of times over the last few weeks, I noticed that even though the laptop was plugged into power, the battery was draining. It also said that the battery wasn’t charging. This time I rebooted and it still said the battery wasn’t charging. I unplugged the brick from my surge protector and plugged it directly in the wall and finally the battery started charging.

The next day, I plugged it back into the same surge protector and the battery charged fine, no issues. Does this mean I have a bad surge protector?

Another question, why would the battery drain if the laptop is plugged in? I thought the battery wouldn’t be involved until I unplugged the laptop.

Does the charger show the orange or green light when it charges? Did it show that light or not when it did not charge? This will indicate that you are supposedly getting a charge current or not. In the latter case, you will run on battery power. You can also check with the battery indicator one menu bar to see when the system is or is not charging.

Were you using the two prong, short plug or the grounded, longer cord extension? I have noticed that sometimes the former does not sit properly in the socket.


I don’t think the green and orange light are there on the new MacBook Pros, right? That was a magsafe thing, sadly gone when USB-C came onto the scene.

I am using the two-prong charger, maybe that is it.

Absent other references, I associate brick with the MagSafe. I consider the new just adapters. Hence my question on the orange or green light.


Understandable, Magsafe was superior. I still don’t know why they ditched it for all USB-C, especially on the MacBook Pro line.

This could be due to the new(ish) Battery Health feature. I’ve noticed similar behaviour since that came out in the spring. Beyond the occasional draining of the battery for a little while, that’s about all that I see that feature doing. I think it doesn’t work as intended.

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I can second this behavior. Same on my MBP. Thought it was my dock. But it seems it isn’t.
Over the last few weeks it appeared to occur more often. I suspect it’s Catalina’s new “battery management” and as such is expected behavior. Or at least that’s what I hope it is. :wink:

I’m still using Mojave (it’s a work computer), is this “battery management” feature in this version too or did it start with Catalina?

Didn’t realise there was a battery management feature. I experience similar with MacBook Air. It occasionally doesn’t charge when plugged in and battery gets really low. Sometimes a quick sleep wake cycle fixes it. Is annoying add I just want to know battery is charged

It’s in Catalina, .4 or .5; I don’t recall exactly which version introduced it.