MacBook Pro ProMotion

Hey, just seeing if I have a “unique” model 14" MacBook Pro.
When I have the display set at ProMotion level, everything works like a charm.
If I set it at Apple Display (P3-500 Nits), 60 Hertz, performance diminishes significantly. Almost to the point of “do I need to return this?”

Anybody? No?

Hi, what do you mean by performance diminishes. Are you referring to the quality and resolution of the screen. Or you are referring to the actual computer performance?


Yeah good question, sorry!

I was on Facebook (which could also be the problem) and Messenger. I would scroll using the trackpad and the screen wouldn’t move, I’d click on a chat to reply, nothing. I have “tap to click” activated on the trackpad so I was trying that, and forcing the click. It was so weird. I slowed down to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently changed a setting. I typed my reply into Messenger and no text appeared. Then a few second laster, part of what I had typed appeared.
When I turn ProMotion back on, voilà, all was back to normal performance (as it is now).

So maybe nothing but certainly not what you’d expect.
Also added here to see if it occurs to others and to see if it was more widespread. I’ll see if I can replicate it.


Yeah that doesn’t sound right. I would understand the image quality was not as good, because you are using basically lower contrast. The Apple Display is less demanding resolution and configuration.

I would test it again with this configuration on other Apps and websites, if the issue continues, I would call support or replace the computer.

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